Falcon Blockbuster ‘Route 69’ Now Available – Route69XXX.com Launches

Award-Winning Director Tony Dimarco Pays Tribute to Falcon Classics in 
Culmination of Falcon 45th Anniversary Year

Falcon Studios announces the launch of Route69XXX.com the dedicated website for its latest blockbuster major event movie, Route 69.  This third blockbuster release in a row from Falcon Studios was conceived and directed by award-winner Tony Dimarco, and it was inspired by classic Falcon scenes that span over four decades. Dimarco brilliantly navigates the vaults of classic Falcon scenes, giving them a modern twist that would make yesterday’s stars proud.

On the movie’s August 11 release date, fans can view trailers of full movie and individual scenes, check out model and action galleries and purchase the Route 69 DVD, downloads, soundtrack and t-shirts on Route69XXX.com or by visiting the Falcon Studios Group Store.

When college buddies Fane Roberts and Dustin Holloway set out on a casual road trip down California’s legendary Route 66, little do they know it will be a journey the will never forget.  As they drive their Mustang convertible through the desert the conversation turns to sex and Fane confesses he spent one entire summer jacking off to his favorite classic Falcon porn scenes. As he describes the action to his horned-up travel companion the radio experiences interference and starts playing 70’s gay porn music.  Suddenly Route 66 becomes Route 69 where classic gay porn scenarios come to life, reenacted by today’s hottest stars.

Running on fumes, Fane and Dustin stop to get gas where smoking-hot attendant Nate Stetson pops his crank shaft deep into Johnny V’s cylinder. That night the guys check in to a fleabag hotel where after a shower, Fane complains about the hot water to JJ Knight, the creepy motel manager. JJ pulls out his massive pipe and shows Fane the perks of being a guest. Back on the road they pull over so Dustin can piss. At the urinal, he notices Derek Maxum’s dick hanging from a glory hole and they suck each other off on the dirty public restroom floor. When Fane and Dustin stop at a diner for a bite to eat, all-American waiter Ryan Rose accidentally sprays Fane with a soda and cleans him up by getting him out of his clothes and fucking him over a table in the diner.

After running out of gas on the road, Fane takes the gas can and hitchhikes to town. Handsome hung Alex Mecum offers Fane a lift and to show his appreciation Fane sucks him off by the side of the road.  Meanwhile, waiting for Fane to return, Dustin gets bored so he whips it out and starts jacking off. Like a porn mirage, Skyy Knox appears out of the desert and gives Dustin more than a helping hand when he bends him over the car and fucks him by the highway. Reunited, Dustin and Fane get a motel and take their friendship to a whole new level. Dustin makes a move and the two create their own steamy hot fuck-session worthy of becoming a true Falcon classic. Pack your bags, grab a buddy and hit the road – you never know what can happen on Route 69!

The original soundtrack of the movie was composed by Remixlab, plus Route 69 limited edition t-shirts were created and produced by ajaxx63 especially for the release. Fans who purchase the Route 69 DVD will automatically receive $10 off their t-shirt, which retails exclusively through Falcon for $19.95 each and is available in red, black, blue and white.

“I can’t think of a more fitting conclusion to Falcon 45th anniversary year, than Route 69. Tony Dimarco has created a hit and a true celebration of gay porn classics and Falcon’s decades of being the most celebrated and watched studio in the industry!” exclaims Falcon Studios Group President Tim Valenti. “This is inspired, it’s hot and it’s a testament to Falcon’s commitment to delivering only the hottest men in the hottest porn with top-quality production and amazing locations.”

“I’m overjoyed that Route 69 has finally become a reality, and it’s even sexier and more spectacular than I had envisioned it over five years ago,” adds director, Tony Dimarco. “I truly believe Route 69 one of my best, and I’m happy to share it with gay porn fans everywhere.”

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