Raging Stallion Releases Sexual Mystery Movie ‘Trapped’

Chi Chi LaRue and Steve Cruz Co-Direct Suspenseful & Intense Feature

Falcon Studios Group’s brand featuring natural, rugged men, Raging Stallion, has released its latest feature, Trapped. Award-winning co-Directors Chi Chi LaRue and Steve Cruz lead the way as nine hot studs fuck their way through the latest sexual mystery. Is it love? Is it lust? Either way, Tegan Zayne is Trapped in this exciting sexual journey. Will he discover the answers? Will he escape his captors and all the unanswered questions? Trapped is now available on DVD and download on the Falcon Studios Group Store.

The tense action of Trapped is led by Raging Stallion stable studs Tegan Zayne, Kurtis Wolfe, Seth Santoro, Ryan Finch, Sean Duran, Jason Vario, Colby Keller, Damian Taylor, and Exclusive Rikk York.

As the movie opens, Kurtis Wolfe and Tegan Zayne are fucking on the couch. After taking each other’s massive loads, Kurtis proposes to Tegan. Tegan is unsure and decides to take a soul-searching trip to the woods. All is well until he meets a handsome stranger and soon finds himself as a prisoner in a secluded cabin. Meanwhile, Seth Santoro and Ryan finch are back at the bar. Seth sucks Ryan’s dick before he gets his own hairy hole serviced by Ryan’s expert tongue on the pool table. Officer Sean Duran and Detective Jason Vario are working Tegan’s missing person’s case. When they disagree on how to proceed, the only way to remedy the situation is for Jason to prove that he has the bigger dick and then fuck the cum right out of Officer Sean.

After being held by Colby Keller for almost two weeks, Tegan is ready for some action. He seduces his captor with a nice long blowjob before Colby rams his big cock deep inside his prisoner. Damian Taylor, Rikk York, and Seth Santoro are camping in the woods. After the guys take turns stretching each other’s holes and gobbling up all the cum they can get, Seth and Rikk get lost on a hike. One of the strangers in the woods who helps them on their way looks familiar. Can Seth figure it out before it’s too late? When Kurtis gets a tip from Detective Jason on where Tegan is staying, he shows up at the cabin. Tegan is unable to choose between Kurtis and Colby so Colby suggests that they all love each other. After Colby fucks both hung studs, the cum flies and the aftermath begins. Will the three new lovers make their new arrangement work or is Tegan Trapped again in an entirely new complicated situation. See it all unfold in Trapped and let your inhibitions loose.

“This movie has a lot of very complex layers,” said director Chi Chi LaRue. “On one level, it’s a mystery with sex that’s meant to entertain. When you pull back the layers, the issues we tackle get deeper and run the range from questioning traditional relationships, to empathy towards those we perceive as in the wrong, and even morality in general. What’s right? What’s wrong? Is there a gray area in between?” LaRue said. “This movie will leave you on the edge of your seat with your dick in your hand not knowing whether to yell at the screen or shoot your load.”

“Chi Chi and I assembled our dream cast and the result is in the selection. Some of the best Raging Stallion has put out. I always wanted to do a movie with longtime friend Chi Chi LaRue – as a director,” states co-director Steve Cruz. “We spent many a long hour writing the script and scenarios. It’s a VERY Raging movie and at the same time it’s a classic Chi Chi LaRue project too. Mutual fans will be excited by this one.”

Falcon Studios President Tim Valenti said: “Trapped is one of my favorite Raging Stallion movies of late. Everyone involved really went above and beyond to make a film with heart and soul that tackles real issues while keeping it super sexy.”


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