Hot House Probes Medical Fantasies With ‘Private Practice’

Director Nick Foxx Examines Power Dynamics with Doctors and Patients

Hot House announces the release of Private Practice, a place where the professional line between doctors, nurses, interns, and patients is severely blurred with even one wayward glance. Directed by Nick Foxx, Private Practice is available on DVD and through download on the Falcon Studios Group Store.

Once that line is crossed, there’s no turning back. Professional or not, the 10 horny studs from this medical clinic get their dicks wet, prostates examined, and their heavy balls drained with all the cock sucking and ass stretching they can find in one very special medical clinic.

The cast of Private Practice stars Hot House Exclusives Sean Zevran, JJ Knight and Austin Wolf, as well as fan favorites Carlos Lindo, Ace Era, Derek Bolt, Pierce Paris, Josh Conners, Sean Maygers and Mason Lear.

Doctor Sean Zevran gives his patient, Carlos Lindo, an oral exam before measuring the depth of his ass with his tongue. When Dr. Zevran sees that Carlos can handle his cock, he gives his patient a beef injection to help calm him down. JJ Knight is on Doc Ace Era’s examination table for a routine physical. When Ace examines JJ’s massive sack, all bets are off and soon the doctor is bent over the table with a massive cock planted tightly up his ass. Dr. Pierce Paris checks Derek Bolt’s vitals and pitches a tent in his scrubs. Derek notices the situation and relieves the doctor of his pent-up load after the two flip-fuck on the table. Sean Maygers and Josh Conners are the last interns left in the clinic for the night. Before heading home, Josh takes Sean’s massive cock up his ass and a thick load in his mouth. To save his job from a downsize, Mason Lear offers up his hairy ass for Doctor Austin Wolf to plow. The doctor happily plunges into his nurse’s hole and gives Mason two doses of cum to swallow. The next time you visit a Private Practice, keep your mind open and your cock handy in case a hot doctor or a hunky nurse decides to make a move while checking your vital signs.

Private Practice is a sexy take on what a lot of people wish their doctor visits were like,” said director Nick Foxx. “Every man in this practice from interns to patients, and doctors to nurses will have their chance to get off and go home happy.”

Falcon Studios President Tim Valenti said: “This movie showcases the medical clinic of your wettest dreams. After seeing Private Practice, I’ll forever be disappointed by going to my regular old doctor.”

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