Kyler Ash and Carter Michaels Debut ‘Mojave Heat’ From Falcon

Tony Dimarco Directs Hot Desert Fantasy has announced the exclusive world premiere of the debut scene from their latest release, Mojave Heat. The first scene from the new release features fan favorites Kyler Ash and Carter Michaels in a desert fantasy that leaves the ripped studs panting under the hot desert sun. The first scene from Mojave Heat will debut on on January 12, 2018 which coincides with the release of the DVD & downloads on the Falcon Studios Group Store.

Hot jock Kyler Ash meets up with hunky Carter Michaels for some fun in the hot desert heat. Without words, the two studs lock lips and make out in the sun. Carter wants to cut to the chase and gets on his knees to discover what’s behind Kyler’s bulging jeans. After working the hung young jock with his mouth, Carter sits back on his chair and lets Kyler explore his body. Kyler can hardly contain himself when Carter’s massive manhood pops out from behind his zipper. He doesn’t waste a second getting it into his mouth while working Carter’s smooth hole with his fingers at the same time. Kyler rims the horny stud, getting himself worked up in the process and when both guys are ready to go, Kyler slowly slides his hard dick into Carter’s eager hole. Kyler pumps away, keeping a steady pace between Carter’s spread legs. Kyler craves more and bends Carter over to fuck him from behind. The toned stud has his way with Carter and builds to a grand finale that leaves Carter’s smooth ass sticky and covered with Kyler’s load.

“I really loved filming this scene,” said director Tony Dimarco. “I’ve always held a special place in my heart for the desert. It’s sexy, mysterious, and full of surprises. Anything goes out there and there’s no one around to cock-block your wildest fantasies.”

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