Teammates Debut in ‘Gear Play’ Update

Nick Foxx Coaches All-Stars Ryan Rose & Sean Maygers to Victory just announced the debut of the first scene from the upcoming athletic series, Gear Play. Nick Foxx coaches the new update featuring Exclusive Ryan Rose and fan favorite Sean Maygers, and premieres live on on Thursday, January 25, 2018. Fan can purchase the DVD and scene downloads on the Falcon Studios Group Store tomorrowJanuary 26, 2018.

In the new update, lacrosse players Sean Maygers and Ryan Rose don’t need spectators to take their competition to the next level. With the bleachers empty and their cocks hard, they get down and dirty when their bulges get a meet and greet through their sweaty uniforms. Ryan can’t control his urges and gets on his knees in front of Sean’s thick cock. Sean happily caters to Ryan’s whims and face fucks the eager stud by going pubes deep down his stretched-out throat. Ryan keeps a steady pace until Sean wants in on the action. Sean takes a taste of Ryan’s throbbing dick before he bends him over to eat his ass. The taste of Ryan’s sweet hole keeps Sean rock hard, and with nothing more than spit for lube, Sean rams his cock into Ryan’s eager ass. He pounds the panting stud with his massive pole until he decides it’s time to get some cock for himself. Ryan sits back and lets Sean slide down on his lubed up stick. Sean does all the work and rides Ryan up and down, taking it deep in his ass as his cock flops back and forth. Sean is the first to blow his load and he lets it go into Ryan’s hand who quickly uses the fresh warm load as lube to get himself off. Ryan lets out a final guttural moan and lets the cum fly all over Sean’s still-dripping boner.

“Ryan Rose and Sean Maygers naturally look like sexy baseball jocks and it really brings this scene to new levels” states Falcon Studios Group President, Tim Valenti. “Nothing is hotter than two, ripped muscle jocks going at it in an epic flip-fuck on the field!”

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