Hot House 25-Year Anniversary

Hot House is celebrating 25 amazing years with a recap with some of the biggest movies, models and scenes. Celebrate with us as we go thru the last quarter-of-a-decade of what made Hot House the powerhouse studio it is today.

With 25 years of top quality, award-winning XXX gay porn, Hot House is one of the most celebrated producers in the business. The studio’s focus is on energized sexual intensity, world class production values and some of the hottest men ever filmed in gay porn. These are ten of the studio’s most acclaimed performers who can show you exactly what Hot House is all about. Huge cocks, incredible bubble butts, washboard abs, and godlike physiques reign supreme. Dirty doctors, warehouse gangbangs, and poolside encounters are just a few of the scenarios in which the horny fuckers of Hot House get their rocks off. They’re no-limits sex machines who explore each other’s asses with extreme penetration and relentless energy. To celebrate the Hot House legacy here is a list of some of the most iconic Hot House men and movies:


Shane Rollins rocks The House with the tour-de-force performance of his career in JUSTICE, the biggest production ever from Hot House Video. This masterpiece from AVN Hall of Fame Director Steven Scarborough follows the story of Toby Conners (Rollins), a young man falsely accused and convicted of a crime he didn’t commit. In a nod to director Lars Von Trier (Dancer in the Dark, Dogville), Scarborough puts Toby in situations that continually spiral out of control, leaving Toby no choice but to use his sexual moxie to get out of each situation. It’s a role that only a sexual Olympian like Rollins could accomplish. This Hardcore Director’s Cut Two Disc Set features 7 scorching hot scenes with 16 sexy, hung Hot House Men in a production we’d be hard-pressed to beat. The action takes place on a sound stage with huge, deconstructed, opera-like sets that are theatrically lit and heavily shadowed, evoking the sets designed by the German Expressionists or the simplicity of a set by Brecht. The striking scenery heightens the chaos and drama of the action yet falls away at the same time so the action can take center stage. JUSTICE also benefits from the rich, emotional score composed by AVN winner Rock Hard – music that is certain to tug your heart strings while you yank your cock. Grab your copy of JUSTICE today! What would you do to get it?

Francesco D’Macho

Francesco D’Macho first appeared on porn screens in 2006. Before that, he was a fashion model and graphic designer in Italy, his native country. After a few successful years in the biz and appearances in scorching Hot House titles like Private Lowlife, he fell in love with fellow porn star Damien Cross, and they ran away together to Madrid and launched their own studio, Stag Homme. Although no longer a couple, their professional relationship endures, with the two of them directing and starring in some of the nastiest gay porn on the planet, all of which is distributed by Hot House parent company Falcon Studios Group. Francesco is 6-foot-2, muscular and defined, with lots of colorful tattoos and, of late, a shaved head. He has an 8.5-inch uncut cock.

The Original ‘Skuff’ Series

Get downright nasty with our hottest two-part series EVER. Put back-to-back, Skuff: Downright Dirty and Skuff II: Downright Filthy bring you over four hours of hardcore action featuring today’s porn legends and tomorrow’s porn superstars. Get it here!

Kyle King

When it comes to endowments, Hot House stud Kyle King is aptly named. He lends his name to King Size, a tribute to men of mammoth proportions! With his masculine features and insatiable ass, Kyle is one hell of a package. A light dusting of dark chest hair lends the perfect shading to his godlike physique. Over the course of his career, Kyle packed on muscle to always have something new to show to the camera. It shows in intense Hot House scenes like the one from Loading Zone with Drew Cutler. Muscular studs Kyle King and Drew Cutler pull into the Loading Zone but Drew gets distracted when he can’t keep his eyes off Kyle’s perfect ass. Kyle sucks his buddy’s dick on the back of the pickup truck before hops up on Drew’s fat tool and milks it for all it’s worth. Next Kyle returns the favor and fucks Drew down until he shoots a ropey load of cum.

Paging Dr. Finger

Paging Dr. Finger. Report to ER STAT! We’ve got an Emergency Room full of hot men with raging hard-ons that won’t go down, hungry holes jammed with butt-plugs, and other assorted anal conditions that require your immediate attention. Luckily our deviant medical staff comes fully equipped with massive tools that prove to be just what the doctor ordered! Strip down, grab your cock, and get in on all the nasty doctor/patient action in Paging Dr. Finger!

Vinnie D’Angelo

Chinstrapped, hirsute Vinnie D’Angelo brings Hot House muscle man fantasies to life. His beefy arms and meaty cock lay down the law in scene after scene of intense, hardcore action. On screen he is aggressive and full of passion. In 2008, Vinnie met Logan McCree working on Raging Stallion’s The Drifter, and the two began a long distance relationship. The Drifter won a Grabby Award for Best Movie in 2009, and Vinnie and Logan each won the Grabby and GayVN award for Best Duo Sex Scene.


Welcome to Verboten, a smoking-hot new leather series from AVN Hall of Fame Director Steven Scarborough. 12 butch, sex-crazed Hot House hunks bring the art of S&M to life in Verboten, the steamiest new sex club in the notorious SoMa district of San Francisco. In Part I, Hot House Exclusives Alex Collack and C.J. Knight work the ropes and new Exclusive Dillon Crow makes his no holds barred debut in a scene that proves his rugged kick-boxing attitude is no joke. The club is tricked out with larger than life art installations and the latest gear from our accomplices Mr. S Leather and Dungeon Beds. So become a member of Verboten: Submission is free.

Matt Cole

Body builder Matt Cole’s repertoire includes bondage, butt play, and gangbangs. The smooth stud is versatile with a giant dick and a fuckable ass. Matt is a passionate lover whether he’s topping or bottoming. In Trunks 6Kyle King spots Matt Cole across the pool so he dives in and swims up right between his legs. They jump out of the water and start making out, but Kyle gets on all fours and dives for Matt’s huge cock. Matt’s loving the blow job but it’s Kyle’s big round ass in the air that drives him wild. He mounts the suntanned stud and fucks him hard. The athletic ass-pounding, combined with the 90 degree heat, causes both men to dive into the pool for relief. When they come back out it’s Kyle’s turn to fuck the hell out of Matt. The muscular sun-Gods fuck until the sun goes down!

‘The Road’ Series

The Road Home

A young stud named Calvin searches for his roots and begins a journey that teaches him about himself -and what it means to be a man – in Steven Scarborough’s beautifully shot coming-of-age classic, The Road Home. Starring mid-western dream boy Todd Gibbs and featuring a stunning cast of hot big-dicked Americans who love to play in the great outdoors, The Road Home follows Calvin (Gibbs) as he leaves his childhood orphanage to uncover the mystery of his past that lies hidden in an old homestead down the road a bit from Hopeful.

The Road to Temptation

Hot House Video brings you the sexiest, sweatiest outdoor porn event of the year with The Road To Temptation, the third title in the critically acclaimed Road Trilogy. This sweeping country epic stars Corbin Michaels as Kenny, a young gay orphan trying to hide his sexuality from the homophobic uncle he lives with. Caught jacking off with a stack of gay porn magazines, Kenny gets tossed out of the house and hits the road – uncertain about both himself and his future. Lucky for Kenny, he hitches a ride from Big Jim who takes him to Temptation Ranch where he learns about life from a host of big-dicked sweaty country boys. Shot in the rolling foothills of the California Gold Coast, this double-disc 3-hour epic features 15 gorgeous studs humpin’, pumpin’, grindin’, and gropin’ through six full-length scenes that are guaranteed to have you crowin’ by dawn. As always, The Hot House Crew delivers the highest production values in the business with crystal-clear cinematography, translucent lighting, and expert camera work under the masterful direction of AVN Hall of Famer Steven Scarborough. So thumb a ride and join Kenny on his road to self-discovery at Temptation Ranch!

The Road to Hopeful

**2005 Grabbys Winner – Best Classic Gay DVD** Shot on location in the breathtaking mountains of Northern California, The Road to Hopeful chronicles the misadventures of a sexy (and innocent) young man as he sets out on the road away from a lying, cheatin’, low-down, good-for-nothing lover toward his small rural hometown and a brighter future. Along the way he crosses paths with an unbelievable bunch of raunchy red-necked, big-dicked, butt-crazy wild men with nothing better to do than spend their time getting down on each other and anybody else in the general vicinity. All that good clean country living stimulates a whole lot of outrageous, uninhibited, mad-dog sex!

Kent North

Kent North packed a massive uncut cock and a versatile repertoire of sexual encounters. The English-born stud was a voracious bottom stud who inaugurated the Pack Attack gangbang series, in which one lucky Hot House man is thrown to a pack of big-dicked, hole-hungry tops with trouble on their minds and monster cocks between their legs! In a pivotal Pack Attack scene, North lands in a sling with all five insatiable heavy-cocked studs in line, waiting for their chance to fuck North inside-out. Just when you think North is about to give up, he braces himself and eggs the top on demanding to be fucked harder and faster! Everybody gets a turn at North’s hole until once again, the pack stands over North and drenches him with cum.

‘The Descent’

The controversial classic comes of age in this special, expanded, two-disc collector’s DVD set that features previously unreleased footage in a new presentation of Steven Scarborough’s best-selling masterpiece. XXX superstars Aiden Shaw, Marcus Iron, Blake Harper and Jason Branch are among the amazing hot studs in the cast, and the film’s haunting, moody videography is a stunning achievement in adult film. An absolute must-have for any porn lover’s collection.

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