New NakedSword Originals’ DVD Celebrates the Iconic Career of Brent Corrigan

Featuring Brent’s Bareback Scene with JJ Knight Never Released on DVD

NakedSword Loves Brent Corrigan hence the aptly titled name for their new DVD, LOVING BRENT CORRIGAN. Brent Corrigan has it all. He’s handsome, charming, sexy, magnetic, and a great actor. There’s no denying that he’s one of the biggest stars in the history of all-male adult entertainment. That’s why its only natural for NakedSword to put some of the superstar’s best and never- before-scene work together in one amazing ultimate collection.

Brent Corrigan has it all. He’s handsome, charming, sexy, magnetic, and a great actor. His smoking-hot performances in movie after movie have earned him legions of fans around the globe, many of whom are equally as interested in his intriguing personal life. There is no denying that Brent Corrigan is one of the biggest stars in the history of all-male adult entertainment. That’s why we are proud to present LOVING BRENT CORRIGAN, the ultimate collection of the superstar’s greatest work including two scenes never-before available on DVD; a live POV bareback “day in the life” with JJ Knight. Other NakedSword scenes include Brent with pizza boy Calvin Banks (Ultra Fan), Brent with star-struck Chris Harder (Vegas Hustle), a sweaty, cum drenched three way with Brent, Dorian Ferro and Dominic Pacifico (Ultra Fan), and from Falcon Studios, Brent with muscle-stud Darius Ferdynand (Poolside 1). So whether you’re a Brent Corrigan super-fan or you just love watching really hot sex with the hottest men on the planet – you’ll agree, we are all LOVING BRENT CORRIGAN!

Brent Corrigan Sucks Off JJ Knight

There’s no better way to start your day than having Brent Corrigan roll over and tell you good morning then go down on your huge cock. It’s all just a tease before he jumps in the shower where you wash his back then go make your breakfast. Later it’s off to the nude beach where Brent swims in the ocean then sucks a load out of you under the hot blazing sun! Mmmm he loves the taste of your load! And your day is only half over…

LOVING BRENT CORRIGAN includes a live POV bareback “day in the life” with JJ Knight beautifully filmed bareback as well as other scorching scenes from NakedSword Originals and Falcon Studios featuring Brent with some of the biggest names in the business including: Calvin Banks, Chris Harder, Darius Ferdynand, Dominic Pacifico, and Dorian Ferro! So whether you’re a Brent Corrigan super-fan or you just love watching some of the hottest guys in world have sex – you’ll agree, we are all LOVING BRENT CORRIGAN

Brent Corrigan Rides JJ Knight Bareback

Working out with Brent Corrigan is even hotter than you imagined when he strips naked and puts down the weights to give your cock some attention. When he suggests you head out to the pool for a swim you follow so you can admire his muscular physique while he dries off. Unable to ignore your bulging swimsuit Brent goes down on your giant cock and makes you hard as a rock so you can fuck his tight hole until you both blow thick loads. There’s no better way to spend your day than Loving Brent Corrigan!

Pizza & Cock Get Delivered to Brent Corrigan by Calvin Banks

“Extra Sausage” Falcon Exclusive Brent Corrigan’s live webcam show is hijacked by an Ultra Fan. After being shown some incriminating material, Brent agrees to do as he’s told. The night begins with a knock on the door – it’s pizza boy Calvin Banks and his extra sausage. As instructed Brent positions the web cam and begins sucking Banks’ enormous cock. Brent leads them into a passionate flip-flop-fuck on the pool table that ends with Calvin bouncing on Brent’s rock-hard dick until he blows. Brent tips the delivery boy by shooting his hot while load all over Calvin’s face. Will this be enough to satisfy his Ultra Fan? Not quite!

Chris Harder is Star Struck by Brent Corrigan

At the end of his performance at the Hustlaball, sexy go-go stud Chris Harder heads to the dressing room and comes face-to-face with his porn-crush, Falcon Exclusive Brent Corrigan! Brent compliments Chris on his show but the real show is about to begin. Chris gets down to worship Brent’s fat cock then stands up and fucks the superstar’s face. Brent takes charge by turning the Chris over, licking his hole and fucking his ass hard. The intense session seems to last for hours ending with Brent feeding his load to his #1 fan. In a daze, Chris wonders if the whole thing was a dream, but a message scrawled on the bathroom mirror proves it was true.

Darius Ferdynand Plows Brent Corrigan Poolside

Outside at a gorgeous pool, Brent Corrigan stands in the pool eagerly wrapping his lips around Darius Ferdynand’s huge, uncut cock. From the tip of the head to the balls, Brent expertly pleasures Darius’ meaty tool. Darius’ abs ripple and his lip curls in erotic pleasure. Rising up, Darius embraces Brent, eager to experience more. Brent bents Darius over on a towel next to the pool and begins an athletic, intense doggy style fucking. A light sheen of sweat covers their bodies as Brent’s big dick slides in and out of Darius’ hole. Trading places, Brent rolls on his back and exposes his willing hole to Darius’ tongue. After a thorough rimming, Darius hammers home a connected, passionate fucking, his big, low hanging balls slapping against Brent’s perfect ass with every thrust. Brent jerks his cock as Darius fucks him, and their six pack abs ripple in the golden sunlight. With growing intensity, Darius rams Brent’s ass with his big cock until Brent’s load explodes onto his abs. Darius ads his own cum to the collection on Brent’s abs, and they bring their lips together in a final ecstatic kiss.

President of Falcon Studios Group and the NakedSword Network Tim Valenti says, “Brent Corrigan is arguably the best know gay porn star of the past two decades and it was a honor having him as an exclusive performer for as long as we did. These collection of scenes in LOVING BRENT CORRIGAN exemplify why he is such a superstar!” 

Two is Company, Three is a Crowd

Will Falcon Exclusive Brent Corrigan’s Ultra Fan ever be satisfied? After performing every task and now consumed with fear for his trusted assistant, Brent is ordered to invite two fans over for a three way. Falcon Exclusive Dorian Ferro and Dominic Pacifico show up and the action begins. With his live cam in hand, Brent supervises as Dorian takes both dicks in his mouth then rolls over to be the middle man. Dominic uses his fat uncut cock like a battering ram and sucks a mean dick. Brent alternates his role as active participant and director making him think he might be ready to return to adult films – but there is one very important thing he must do first and time is running out!

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