NakedSword Releases New DVD by New Production Company, Golden Age Films

‘Breaking Mr. Hart’ is Now Available Worldwide via Wholesale and Online

NakedSword Releasing is proud to present the new feature Breaking Mr. Hart on DVD and individual scene download. The new movie is from a new production company called Golden Age Films, made exclusively for NakedSword. The mission of Golden Age Films is to merge modern day sex and production values with the storytelling of the Golden Age of Porn. With intriguing stories, cinematic widescreen shots, and original music, Golden Age Films will dip into all genres of adult filmmaking such as comedy, action, drama, suspense, and more. 

This first film was written and directed by Grabby-winning screenwriter D.P. Wells and features a who’s who of porn stars including Falcon Exclusive Woody Fox, as well as Pierce Paris, Max Adonis, Remy Cruise, Damon Heart and Dean Phoenix.

In Breaking Mr. Hart, what do you do when you’re stuck working nine to five for a sexist, egotistical, lying hypocritical bigot? You get together with your co-workers to devise a plan to turn the tables and stick it to him just as hard and deep as he’s stuck it to the office for years! In ‘Breaking Mr. Hart’ directed and written by D.P. Welles for Golden Age Films, Jake (Pierce Paris) has had enough of his boss Mr. Hart’s (Dean Phoenix) sexual games. He arranges to meet with two other victims, Rod (Max Adonis) and Victor (Remy Cruze) and persuade them to join forces to pay him back for what he’s done to all of them. As they tell their stories we meet another victim, Cole (Woody Fox) and the boss‘ accomplice, assistant Darren (Damon Heart), but the key to everything may just be the boss’ wife Missy (Nina Hartley)! Will their plan go off without a hitch or will they find themselves in more trouble when they try Breaking Mr. Hart?

Writer and director D.P. Wells says of the new DVD, “Breaking Mr. Hart has been an incredible experience and I have to first of all thank Tim Valenti for believing in what I wanted to try, bringing a fuller story and indie film making language to a porn film. I also wanted to build on what we started to do with Ultra Fan in telling a detailed and compelling story. Thankfully we had a wonderful group of actors who believed in this concept and a talented crew to bring everything to the screen.” He goes on to say, “I know as a viewer I’ve always been more attracted to porn that has a story and that can turn your mind on along with images to turn your body on, sex scenes that drive the story forward and help to illustrate the characters. This is a film you can sit down and enjoy as an LGBT comedy with a lot of hot naked guys and sex, or you can dip in and watch a piece that appeals to you at the moment. I’m so proud of how the film turned out, and I think people are going to have a great time watching it. I’m happy the DVD is going to be available because this film really warrants popping it in the machine and watching on your biggest screen from start to finish.”

President of Falcon Studios Group and The NakedSword Network, Tim Valenti says of the new project, “We are happy to be distributing the first Golden Age DVD and pleased that D.P. Wells came to us to bring this movie to a wide audience. I’m confident his mix of intriguing storytelling and sexy themes will appeal to a mass audience and sell very well on DVD throughout the world.” 


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