Weekends at NakedSword Offers Free October Drive In Movies


NakedSword continues with more free content for viewers today on ‘Weekends at NakedSword’, which began as a response to the COVID-19 lockdowns. For the month of October, NakedSword is welcoming viewers to come and watch free ‘Drive-In’ movies every weekend!  This weekend the fun starts with Falcon’s smash feature EARTHBOUND: HEAVEN TO HELL 2, which was released 3 years ago to much fanfare. Now for the first time ever, the sexy and spooky feature is showing for free on the Netflix of Gay Porn, NakedSword.com.

In 2005, Falcon Studios released HEAVEN TO HELL, one of the most talked-about and successful gay porn movies of all time. An epic story of good versus evil and of paradise lost and pleasure found finally continues in Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2. The Devil (Dean Monroe) rules with a harsh hand and his soulless Dark Angels do his evil bidding, reigning terror over all who cross their paths. The Devil’s slave, Rogue (Skyy Knox) refuses to accept this fate and escapes to the world above, making him Earthbound. On earth, Lord (Andrew Stark) is on a mission to find out who’s ripping him off, but Snitch (Trelino) gets in his way and he must pay with a powerful pounding. Frustrated by Rogue going astray, the Devil demands his other minions to service him. Dark Angels Sean Zevran, Arad Winwin and Gabriel Alanzo do as they are told in an epic, hedonistic group sex marathon. 

Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind feature showing FREE all weekend long only at “Weekends at NakedSword’.  NakedSword has been presenting FREE content as part of ‘Weekends At NakedSword’, since May with the first installment of the game show PLAY. Since then, they have offered up complimentary content each weekend, including full release movies, episodes like Naked Baking with Josh Moore and Discoveries, as well as special event focused offerings like PRIDE: Pornstar Coming Out Stories and The Miss Pineapple Pageant.  Select new content is free for a limited time on NakedSword.com/weekends, then becomes accessible in the members area of NakedSword shortly after, while some remains accessible to all for free on ‘Weekends At NakedSword’.

President of Falcon/NakedSword Tim Valenti says: The ‘Weekends at NakedSword’ concept has been so well received by fans that we are going to continue it all year. For October we are offering up free full length feature films every weekend. Kicking everything off with EARTHBOUND is the perfect vibe for fall and Halloween.”

On October 2nd-4th watch the kick off of free ‘drive-in’ movies being released all month only on NakedSword.com/Weekends.



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