‘Born To Porn’ Debuts on FalconStudios.com with Cade Maddox & Adrian Hart

Steve Cruz & Leo Forte Direct Documentary-Style Bareback Premiere

FalconStudios.com announced today, the exclusive world premiere of the debut scene from their latest bareback series, Born To Porn. Co-directed by Steve Cruz and Leo Forte, the debut update, which includes behind-the-scenes interviews, stars Exclusive Cade Maddox, with fan favorite, Adrian Hart. The new scene that features insights into porn stars’ lives will go live Friday, February 19, 2021, on FalconStudios.com, and the full DVD and Digital Downloads from Born To Porn will be available the same day on the Falcon|NakedSword Store.

In the debut update from Born To Porn, Cade Maddox is sitting poolside while getting his girthy cock sucked by Adrian Hart. While the cameras roll, Adrian works Cade’s massive dick with his mouth, savoring every last inch. After getting his taste of cock, Adrian gets bent over and rimmed deep by Cade’s hungry tongue. CUT! Switching positions, they move from the pool and Cade inserts his fat cock deep into Adrian’s ass. Adrian gets pumped bareback full of Cade’s award-winning cock. Cade paints Adrian’s hole with his milk and rams his cock back in until his massive dick hits Adrian’s prostate just right, and Adrian blows a load all over his rock-hard abs.

“Our behind the scenes project opens strong with the awaited fuck match between fan favorite Exclusive Cade Maddox and Falcon favorite Adrian Hart” says co-director, Steve Cruz. “Two of the best seasoned performers in the business give you the show only they know how to give.”

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