Model Spotlight: Cole Connor

Falcon|NakedSword Exclusive Cole Connor

It’s time for the world to get familiar with Exclusive newcomer, Cole Connor. Cole has made his epic debut in the high-profile Raging Stallion blockbuster, SCRUMWith steely, penetrating blue eyes, salt and pepper hair and a ripped, athletic physique dusted with the perfect amount of body hair, Cole Connor ranks high among the hottest men to ever be introduced to gay porn fans. A truly versatile performer with a thick, sizable, cut cock and stacked ass, this 5’10” hunk weighs in at a solid 185 pounds. You’ll also be able to check him out in the upcoming Hot House feature, Capitol Affairs, and he just wrapped another hot Raging Stallion feature. Now that you’re up to speed, don’t wait any longer! Grab the latest Cole Connor scene and get to jerking!

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Cole Connor Videography

Capitol Affairs – Hot House (COMING SOON)
SCRUM – Raging Stallion

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