Feed Your Hole At The ‘Bottomless Cafe’ on FistingCentral.com

FistingCentral.com, the Falcon | NakedSword’s site where every kink is featured ranging from elbow deep fisting, to bondage and more, has announced the release of the debut update from the upcoming bareback feature, Bottomless Cafe. Tom Moore runs the camera in this not-so-average cafe where Drew Sebastian and Brian Bonds, have their way with Tony Orlando. The first scene from Bottomless Cafe is now live on FistingCentral.com. The DVD and remaining scene downloads will be released Friday, August, 2021, on the Falcon | NakedSword Store.

In the debut update from Bottomless Cafe, Tony Orlando is sitting on his ass doing nothing in a busy café, upset customers Brian Bonds and Drew Sebastian come to Tony with their frustrations. As payback for the unsatisfying service, Brian and Drew decide that Tony needs to service their fists. As Brian and Drew undress Tony, the lazy worker submits to Brian’s cock in his mouth and Drew’s tongue in his hole. After the quick taste, Drew is ready to slide into Tony’s ass raw. The spit-roasting with dicks continues until Brian decides to take it up a few notches with his fists in Tony’s gape. As Tony moans out loud from Brian’s handballing from behind, Drew tries to muffle the sounds with his thick cock in Tony’s mouth. Tony still hasn’t made up for his lack of customer service, so Drew switches places with Brian to wreck Tony’s ass as Brian rides Tony’s face. After getting his guts wrecked by Brian and Drew, Tony falls to his knees to take thick facials from his horny customers who cover him in their loads.

“If you’re hungry, come by the Bottomless Cafe, for terrible service and to get your hole wrecked,” says director Tony Dimarco. “Brian Bonds and Drew Sebastian really show Tony Orlando who the boss really is in this scene.”

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