See the Falcon | NakedSword Winners of the 2022 GayVN Awards

The 2022 GayVN Awards are in the books, and the big winners of the night included Falcon | NakedSword Exclusives Max KonnorCole ConnorCade MaddoxBeau Butler and Devin Franco. Also on the list of award-winners from the night, are Falcon | NakedSword directors Steve Cruz and Leo Forte. Check out the full list of winners below! 

Performer of the Year

Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive Max Konnor – Performer of the Year nominee Max Konnor, is a well-established powerhouse with multiple award wins under his belt already. Since signing on as an Exclusive with Falcon | NakedSword, Konnor has starred in some of the biggest productions the mega-studios have put out in 2021. Max calls New York home, but he can often be found all around the world showcasing his exquisite physique, 10″ cut cock, and insatiable untouched bubble-butt. Fans of Max Konnor can witness his award-winning prowess in NakedSword’s Best Sex Ever. He can also be seen working out tight holes in the Falcon Studios releases Tales From the Locker Room 2 and Falcon LIVE: 4 the Fans, as well as his most recent project, Raging Stallion’s Dirty 30 Bareback Birthday out today.

Best Threeway Sex Scene

Skyy Knox, Trent King & Derek Thibeau from Falcon Studios’ Into the Woods – Close friends Skyy Knox, Trent King and Derek Thibeau are out in the wilderness fishing. It’s not long before they get bored, and the trio ditches the poles and fills Skyy’s mouth with their own meat poles instead. Skyy, on his knees, alternates back and forth between each cock in front of him. While Skyy fills his throat with Trent’s cock, Derek gets behind to mount Skyy’s eager crack. When Trent lines up to slide his cock in Skyy, Derek surprises him by sliding into his hole with his hefty cock. Isolated and out of site, all three get their share of cock and bareback hole until Derek can’t hold back any longer and blows his load all over Skyy’s muscle butt. Skyy makes sure to lick up whatever’s left from Derek’s cock, while Trent pounds him from behind and adds his load to Skyy’s ass cheeks. Now that’s it’s Skyy’s turn, Trent gets under Skyy and takes his warm load directly in his mouth.

Best Newcomer

Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive Cole Connor – Rugged muscle-man and versatile superstar Exclusive Cole Connor has taken the porn world by storm. Since his first release with Raging Stallion earlier this year in the hugely popular SCRUM, Connor has captivated fans with his 7.5″ cut cock, muscled ass and legs, striking physique and explosive versatile performances. Most recently, fans of Cole Connor can see the Exclusive stud in Falcon’s latest bareback feature, Making The GradeCole also stars in Mountain Tops and SHOW HARDboth bareback films from Raging Stallion. If you haven’t seen Cole Connor yet, we highly recommend that you give him a sample and check out his Model Spotlight gallery, then download his latest scene and get to jackin’ today!

Best Director (Non-Feature)

Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive Devin Franco, & fan favorites Nic Sahara and Devin Trez in Born To PornREEL MEN SHARE THEIR REAL LIVES Nine gorgeous naked men take you backstage on a live set and show you, unapologetically, who they are in a behind-the-scenes documentary-style erotic feature that focuses on the real lives of porn performers. These award-winning, stunning superstars were ‘Born to Porn’, and they open up fully in this compelling and 100% satisfying bareback Falcon feature! Co-directors Steve Cruz and Leo Forte dive deep into the lives of these porn stars and explore their motivations for performing, its impact on their lives and the pros and cons of navigating that territory in a fast-changing world where social media is the driving force. Each scene gives you more insight and raw and intense views of these statuesque guys in full energized action. Cade Maddox gets his award-winning cock drained by Adrian Hart while the cameras roll poolside. Newcomer Jimmy West gets bent over and stretched by Devin Trez’ uncut member. Zario Travezz gets his hole dominated by Colton Reece. Devin Franco gets DP’d by Nic Sahara and Devin Trez. Colton Reece returns to slam Vander Pulaski’s eager crack. The connections are intimate, the interactions, authentic. And, the sex is pure fire! When you’re ‘Born To Porn’, you can’t just rest on handsome! You work hard on your body, and you fuck furious for the fans!

Favorite Cock & Favorite Body

Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive Cade Maddox – Previous Performer of the Year winner and Fleshjack’s newest record-selling hunk Cade Maddox, is a powerhouse that makes massive waves whenever his name is mentioned. Now that fans really can take a piece of Cade home with them with his 9″ dildo replica and untouched ass mold, we knew we had to include Maddox as the star of this special edition. In conjunction with the successful launch, fans will have a chance to watch Cade in the latest Falcon Studios release, Work From Home. Additionally, Cade can be seen working his cock in Dirty Intern and Capitol Affairs from Hot House, and Born To Porn, also from Falcon Studios. Take your pick, and get a load of Cade Maddox however you please, cause this iconic award-winning star is here to stay for good.

Favorite Bottom

Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive Devin Franco – Devin Franco is a powerhouse in the gay porn industry with multiple award wins under his belt. Known as one of the most dynamic Exclusives ever, Devin is sure to put all of his mouth-watering assets to their full use. Whether he’s topping with his 8″ cut cock, getting drilled in his fine ass or getting his fisting and fetish on, you can expect his energy to always be explosive. Fans can watch Devin plow some ass in the debut update from It’s Complicatedthat just hit Franco is also featured in the new releases Teacher’s Pet Fister from Fisting Central, Inseam from Hot House and Pinned from Fetish Force. No matter what role of Devin Franco’s you prefer, this sexy stud has something for everyone! Keep watching as he continues to amaze and satisfy. 

Favorite Bear

Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive Beau Butler – It’s just a fact of life that at some point in every man’s existence, they’re going to be hopelessly obsessed with Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive Beau Butler and his amazingly beefy body. For us, that infatuation started with the performer’s debut in Raging Stallion’s SHOW HARD and hasn’t stopped since. Not only has Beau been killing it in new projects like Fuck Me Fast and FuriousDirty 30 Bareback Birthday, and an upcoming threeway in the Raging Stallion film Power Play, but he’s also been reaching new career milestones courtesy a fresh win at the 2022 GayVN Awards. We even got to see the hunk show off his charming personality and irresistible smile during a recent guest spot on the official Falcon | NakedSword podcast, Discretion Advised, where even the hosts were openly blushing and crushing as they talked with him. It seems that no one can escape Beau’s overpowering charisma, so just know that if you’re trying to watch this bareback beauty fuck on screen, you’ll find yourself with an intense craving that only more Beau Butler can satisfy.

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