BONUS Free Action Gallery: ‘SCRUM Balls to the Wall’

SCRUM Balls to the Wall Directed by Tony Dimarco

Are you ready to cheer for your favorite rugby team in SCRUM Balls to the Wall? It’s finally time for the Raging Stallions to take on the Hot House Bulldogs! With the help of award-winning director Tony Dimarco, these eleven rugged rugby fuckers are hitting the pitch, charging the locker room, and going ‘Balls to the Wall’ for the latest installment of Raging Stallion’s ‘SCRUM’. After a long day of practice before the big match, Beau Butler can’t help but make eyes at teammate Tarzan Top as the hung jock rips off his sweaty uniform and exposes his fat dick for all to see in the steamy showers. When a water main breaks in his team’s locker room, Bulldog JJ Knight is forced to hose off in the Raging Stallions’ showers. Rival Luca del Rey doesn’t seem to mind though as he quickly discovers that JJ Knight is hung like a horse and down to pound his hole in the middle of the empty locker room. When a casual game of grab ass gets DeAngelo Jackson completely hard, the rugby hunk decides to put his newfound wood to good use by dicking down the fat ass of teammate Michael Boston. Seconds after the big match ends, both the Stallions and the Bulldogs storm the locker room to pop bottles and celebrate the Stallions’ big win. The party immediately transforms into a bareback orgy between the two teams when Roman Todd’s hard-on slips out of jockstrap with Roman Todd drilling the hungry ass of Cole Connor and Drew Valentino sliding himself into Tristan Hunter. The other side of the musky locker room sees JJ Knight’s curved cock causing Devin Franco’s eyes to roll to the back of his head as Tarzan Top slams himself into Luca del Rey’s furry hole only a few feet away. With all this bareback celebration, it’s pretty easy to see that these sweaty players always go hard on the pitch, so they can truly go Balls to the Wall when left alone in the locker room.

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