EXCLUSIVE: We’re Chatting with 2000s Falcon Star Cole Ryan Ahead of His Big Raging Stallion Debut

We’re Already Obsessed with Cole Ryan’s New Scenes for Raging Stallion’s ‘The Beach House’

If you’re a hardcore Falcon Studios fan, then you might recognize one of the studs headlining the latest film from Raging Stallion. Yep, we’re talking about Cole Ryan!

Fans originally met this now-scruffy stud over 15 years ago when he starred in a string of outdoor group scenes for Falcon Studios. A young Cole can be seen in popular projects like the 2006 film Dripping Wet and 2007’s Endless Crush. Plus, he even did some work for Hot House with an appearance in a poolside threeway for Trunks 3

Now, Cole is starring in his first-ever Raging Stallion title with The Beach House. Out this Friday on RagingStallion.com, the film’s opening scene has him sporting some more-then-impressive morning wood and flip-fucking Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive Drew Valentino in Myrtle Beach. That’s not all though. In just a few weeks, you’ll be able to see Cole and his big dick in an epic two-part fourgy that has him teaming up with Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive Beau Butler and Raging Stallion newcomers Ryder Flynn and Heath Halo.

In an exclusive interview on the set of The Beach House, Cole is talking with the Falcon Blog and The Sword about everything from his new group fuck to the weirdest place he’s ever had sex. Take a look below for our chat with Cole and for even more Beach House content, click over to RagingStallion.com for Cole’s new scene and FalconMerchShop.com for some official movie gear!

For the Falcon Studios/Raging Stallion universe, this is kind of a reintroduction, because you did work with Falcon in 2006? 2007?
Yeah, I started with Titan in 2005 and Falcon in 2006. It’s been a little bit, but yeah, getting back into it. 

What’s it like being back on set and doing a Raging Stallion movie? Your first-ever Raging movie!
Yeah, I mean, it feels like I’m back home! Everything kinda feels oddly familiar – just getting back into it. It’s like riding a bike. It’s just like, director says this, okay, let me lift my leg. (Laughs) It’s kind of what I grew up with. 

For your original Falcon scenes, those were some outdoor group scenes. Now, you’re at Raging Stallion and doing another big group scene. How do you feel about the shoot you did yesterday with all the guys?
Those guys were really cool. For me, I definitely try to make sure I have a connection with the people I work with. I’ve done about 20 movies and it doesn’t always work out, but I think when you do get that connection, the scene ends up a lot stronger. I think I had a really good connection with these guys. It was a lot of fun. 

With your personal life, are you generally a fan of group activities? 
I think it depends on the group. Groups can be a lot of fun. Groups can be kind of awkward. It really depends. 

When you’re talking groups, how many is too many? Or does the limit not exist?
I mean, I’ve had groups of 40 guys that have been lots of fun. I’ve had groups of five guys that have been lots of fun. But I’ve also had large-ish groups where it’s just like, you know, I think I’m just gonna go home and jack off. (Laughs) And I’ve had small groups where the chemistry wasn’t there. It just depends. 

Now a couple of rapid-fire style questions. Do you have any tattoos? 
I do not. 

You don’t?
No, no. 

Have you ever wanted to? 
I’ve thought about it, but my interests can kind of change and I get nervous about anything permanent. 

What do you wear when you go to sleep?
Usually nothing. 

Weirdest place you’ve ever had sex? 
Weirdest place? Central Park on top of a rock. (Laughs) 

Okay! That’s a good one. That’s probably the best spot I’ve gotten so far. Next, are you a member of the mile-high club?
I am not yet. I’ve taken pictures in the airplane bathroom, but I’m a little bit scared of being put on the no-fly list.

Sucking dick or rimming?
Depends on the dick. Depends on the ass. Generally sucking dick, but it really depends on who it is. 

Being sucked or being rimmed?
Usually getting sucked. 

On a scale of one to ten, how hairy do you like your partners to be? 
To me, the connection matters more than the hair. 

How rough do you like it on a scale of one to ten?
I mean, my favorite part of sex is usually the cuddling, but once I have that connection and once the trust is there, rough sex can be fun. Until then, usually a little bit more mild.

Boxers or briefs? 
Neither – no, I do briefs. (Laughs)

I’ve had a lot of guys saying neither and saying no underwear at all. (Laughs) And then last question, music on or off during sex?
Music on or off… See, I’m autistic, so I won’t actually notice the music, but I will usually put on the music for the comfort of my partner. (Laughs)

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