Raging Stallion Streets ‘The Tourist’


Director Steve Cruz Tells a Thrilling Tale of Sexual Seduction

Premier gay adult erotica studio Raging Stallion announces the release of its newest full-length feature, The Tourist. Shot on location in Madrid, Spain by award-winning director Steve Cruz, the movie chronicles a disoriented traveler’s descent into a dangerous sexual underworld. The smoking-hot cast of hairy, tattooed, and pierced studs features Falcon Studios Group A-Team Exclusive Dario Beck, plus Rogan Richards, Abraham Al Malek, Donato Reyes, Alessio Veneziano, Paco, and Bruno Boni.


Rogan Richards is The Tourista lost and bewildered traveler wandering the streets of Madrid. As Rogan tries to get his bearings, fate puts him in the crosshairs of pimp, hustler, and all-around bad boy Abraham Al Malek.


Speaking in his native Spanish, Abraham plies Rogan with a heavy come on, finally seducing him with two English words: “Fuck Me!” Little does Rogan know that he is about to be captured and made into Abraham’s plaything.


Two of Abraham’s hustlers, Dario Beck and Donato Reyes, pick up a john, Alessio Veneziano, and bring him back to the pimp’s flat for a three way thick with fur, spit and cum.


Paco swings by to have some fun with Abraham, but they’re interrupted by Rogan’s cries for help. Abraham sends Paco in to silence Rogan, but a sexual spark ignites when Paco and Rogan lock eyes for the first time.


Abraham diverts his attention to Bruno Boni, who pays the pimp with both cash and sex. After Bruno and Abraham unload, Abraham drifts off to sleep… until he’s awakened by Rogan, freed from his bonds by Paco and thirsting for revenge on his captor.

“Rogan Richards pulls out all dramatic stops playing The Tourist to an all European cast of hairy, classic Raging Stallions,” states director Steve Cruz. “This could be the hottest sex I’ve filmed my entire career, and one of the most realized story lines. Abraham Al Malek plays bad soooo good. Newcomer Paco turns up the heat with Rogan in a passion play not to be missed. It was fun collaborating again with foreign language consultant Francesco D’Macho. His imprint is on this film as well.”

Cruz continues, “As all our movies move entirely to the ‘All Sex’ genre, this may likely be my last cinematic, plot-driven film with Falcon Studios Group. If so, what a way to go!!! For so many reasons, this is the project of a lifetime.”

“Steve has produced a film that is edgy, arousing, and 100% Raging Stallion,” states Raging Stallion Founder and President, Chris Ward. “The Tourist is a tour-de-force of rough, masculine sex with the hottest, hairiest men in all of Europe. It is a must-see for fans of hard and heavy erotic fantasy.”

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