The Making of ‘Wild Weekend’ Interview – Tony Dimarco


HUNT eZine Sits Down with Award Winning Director Tony Dimarco

HUNT eZine sits down with Falcon Studios Group’s award-winning director Tony Dimarco to get insight into Tony’s vision and inspiration for Falcon Studios’ Summer Blockbuster Wild WeekendPart 1 is already “wildly” popular, and Wild Weekend, Part 2 debuts later this month. Hear first hand what went into the making of this Falcon two-part sexual celebration!

When Dimarco was assigned the latest Falcon two-part blockbuster,his goal was to create the ultimate Falcon experience for viewers. He rose to the challenge with Wild Weekend Part 1 & 2 by crafting a story of sexual celebration set in Falcon’s birthplace, San Francisco and the Bay Area; selecting a world-class, handsome and sexy cast; and filming the hottest action humanly possible.

We sat down with Tony to discuss what went into to the making of this blockbuster and the choices he made to deliver this quintessentially Falcon, two part movie.


HUNT: How did you come up with the storyline for Wild Weekend Part 1 & 2?

Tony Dimarco: I wanted to make a film that centered around San Francisco Pride and all the craziness that goes on during that particular weekend. There’s such great energy in San Francisco during that weekend and I wanted to capture the spirit and fun of it all. The story about how a group of people come together from all different places and backgrounds and how they influences each other and of course how that leads to sex.


HUNT: With Wild Weekend being a two-part feature, what was the drive and focus of each film?

Tony Dimarco: Each film focuses on different aspects of the weekend, and are ultimately two very different films. Part 1 is when all of the guys first meet and go up to the Russian River for a few days, just before San Francisco Pride. They quickly learn about each other when the European’s declare that they are more sexually open and free then American’s. That start’s a debate and, inadvertently, a competition to see who is more sexually free and open. Part 2 happens when SF Pride is at full steam. The guys are all running around celebrating and hooking up with whoever and wherever they can; which then culminates with two of the main character finally hooking up. I wanted to keep the films fun and light in the spirit of Pride, and I think we captured that.


HUNT: Falcon turns 45 this year, did the story and location of the movie have anything to do with celebrating the anniversary?

Tony Dimarco: Yes of course, Falcon and San Francisco go hand in hand so we had to do the film here. The legacy of Falcon Studios and San Francisco is legendary; it would have been a big disappointment if we could not do the film in the city where the studio was created and thrived for 45 years! I’m glad we were able to do that.

HUNT: What were you going for when you worked on casting the two-part Falcon Blockbuster?

Tony Dimarco: To start, we have a very strong line up of exclusives with Ryan Rose, JJ Knight and several other studio favorites like Wesley Woods, Dustin Holloway, Josh Connors and Jason Maddox. That was a pretty strong start, but I also wanted to introduce several new faces. I had never worked with Paul Canon, Kyler Ash and Colton Grey, who were all excellent performers. We also decided to cast two hot guys from Europe, Brute and Ken Rodeo, who were essentially new to the industry. Having such an eclectic cast made it easy to come up with the story lines that drive the film. Especially posing the main question of the film of who is more open and sexually free; the European’s or the American’s.


HUNT: As there is a lot of plot and storyline to this movie, any fun and interesting things that happened behind the scenes during the filming?

Tony Dimarco: As with any production, a lot goes on when making a film especially when you have many actors around at the same time. I have to say that we did have a lot of fun on set and there was a lot of laughing and joking around. But as you can imagine, we put a bunch of hot and horny models together in one small house; you do the math. Mmmmmm… actually that could be an idea for a film.


HUNT: Part of the story line has to do with Europeans Brute and Ken Rodeo saying that Americans are not as sexually liberated as Europeans. Do you find that to be the case?

Tony Dimarco: It’s funny, I wrote this to move the story and action forward, but when talking to the models from Europe they felt the opposite was true. But I think it’s all subjective, I certainly feel that European’s have a different attitude about sex. Just look at what they air on TV and in advertising. I think they have a more relaxed attitude about sex over all. American society’s attitude on sex is more reserved and repressed and in turn has become more sex obsessed because of it.


HUNT: With all these exceptionally hot men, and a fun location in the woods north of San Francisco, give us some ideas about how the steamy action played out on location.

Tony Dimarco: Being up north on the Russian River has a whole different vibe than being in the city. That’s why so many people go up there to get away! It was comfortable and relaxed, the guys were more relaxed and focused, which made for excellent conditions when filming hot sex. We got up in the morning, made coffee and breakfast burritos and filmed sex all day outdoors or indoors at a beautiful house. It was the easiest part of the shoot.

HUNT: What does our audience have to look forward to when part 2 is released on September 30?

Tony Dimarco: Part 2 is a completely different departure from Part 1, where part 1 was more relaxed and about exploring and pushing boundaries, Part 2 is more full throttle, “just do me” attitude about sex. He’s hot… I’m horny… I want to get laid… let’s go! It’s all in the attitude about Pride, it’s our day, and I’m free to do what I want. It’s celebratory, fun, hot and liberating.


HUNT: What was the highlight moment when filming both movies?

Tony Dimarco: Filming in the Castro with Mr. Pam who helped film some of the b-roll sequences, and also did some photography was a highlight for me personally. Mr. Pam and I go way back and worked with each other a long time ago. We have a very crisscrossed path in the industry so getting to work together again after nine years was a treat. She’s excellent at what she does, a great supporter and friend and we always have so much fun on set, which takes some of the pressure off. So, that for me was one of the highlights. Another highlight was that we were able to shoot on a rooftop above Castro Street for the last shot of the movie. Ryan Rose and Wesley Woods are passionately making out on a rooftop with the Castro Theater sign looming in the background, the music swells… it was a special moment and an iconic ending for the film that I was looking for.

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