We’re Unleashing Loads of ‘Desert Moon’ Pics from Hot House

Who Else Is Horny For These Hot House Hunks?

Deep in the vast oasis of Palm Springs, it’s not uncommon to find horny men going deep inside each other while basking under the Desert Moon. See for yourself as acclaimed directors Trenton Ducati and Ryan Brian take you inside Southern California’s hottest fuck pad, where eight Hot House hunks are meeting up to service each other’s big dicks and hungry holes. In the facility’s jacuzzi, real-life boyfriends Trevor Brooks and Swhirly get soaked before they head inside to get even wetter with each other. Elsewhere, Siren Santiago is meeting Kyle Fletcher for the first time and eating up the muscle hunk’s thick load while Max Konnor’s ten-inch bareback rod pounds fuck buddy Ty Santana’s juicy ass. After a late-night visit to the outdoor firepit, Ricky Rexx is burying his hard cock into Kyle Fletcher’s beefy cakes and drowning the versatile bottom’s six-pack in his ropes. Tony Genius then arrives for a raw threeway with Trevor Brooks and Swhirly that has Trevor being spit-roasted and Tony getting stretched out by Swhirly’s impressively oversized dick. [See more]

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