Gets In Shape with New Update from ‘The Trainer’


Nick Foxx Directs & Experienced Top Sebastian Kross Power-Trains Rex Cameron announces the debut of the first scene from the upcoming athletic driven feature The Trainer. The new update featuring A-Team Exclusive Sebastian Kross and hunk Rex Cameron was directed by Nick Foxx and goes live on on Thursday, September 8. Additional updates from the production will appear on the membership site in coming weeks and the DVD and scene downloads will be made available on the Falcon Studios Group Store on December 2, 2016.

In the new update, fitness trainer Sebastian Kross enters the gym with his client, Rex Cameron. Rex works up a sweat as Sebastian puts him through his paces, and at the end of the workout, Sebastian whips out his cock as a reward! Rex sucks eagerly, and Sebastian goes down on Rex to return the favor. Stripping off their workout gear, the two ripped studs service each other in the middle of the empty gym. Sebastian’s colorful tattoo punctuates his massive chest, and Rex’s bubble butt spreads open to reveal his hot pink hole.

'The Trainer’

Sebastian can’t resist going in for a rim job, lubing up Rex’s ass with plenty of spit. Taking it to the next level, Sebastian thrusts his thick cock inside Rex’s ass and commences an energetic, athletic pounding. For some variety, Sebastian reclines on his back and Rex sits down on Sebastian’s cock. Sebastian’s nuts swing through the air as he thrusts up from below. Turning around to reverse cowboy position, Rex beats out a thick load while riding Sebastian’s dick. With his balls drained, Rex crouches on the floor and opens his mouth to receive a gushing facial from Sebastian’s rock hard member.

'The Trainer’

“This scene from The Trainer will get your muscle flexing. The update is intense and has such powerful and masculine energy. Sebastian Kross does an awesome job when it comes to “training” Rex Cameron’s ass,” states director Nick Foxx.

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