NEW! Brandon Bangs & Nash Lawler!

 Über-horndog Nash Lawler approaches Brandon Bangs and starts to manhandle the handsome young stud. He’s so impressed with Brandon’s muscled frame and the hefty jockstrap he’s packin’ that he can’t keep his hands off the goodies. Nash unsnaps Brandon’s codpiece, frees the uncut dick buried inside and starts to suck it to hardness. Brandon gets so jazzed up that he demands his share of booty; he lays Nash down to suck on his erect cock and eat out his ass. Craving more action, Brandon bangs Nash’s ass hard, driving his pole deep inside the hole until he climaxes and cums, squeezing every drop of juice outta his hooded piss slit. And Nash follows up jerking himself off excitedly and dousing Brandon’s face with his creamy load.

To watch this scene from “Depths of Desire Part 1” hop on over to – and to check out a few more pics…

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  1. Bob

    August 14, 2010 at 1:14 pm

    god how i’d love to get fucked like that! Came real good watching it!

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