Brent Corrigan and Roman Todd Debut ‘Hidden Palms’ on

Director Tony Dimarco Builds on Popular Pool Fantasy Theme has announced the exclusive world premiere of the debut scene from their latest release, Hidden Palms. The first scene from the new release features Brent Corrigan and Roman Todd in an upscale pool fantasy that leaves both studs dripping wet in the desert sun. The scene from Hidden Palms will debut on on December 8, 2017. The DVD and scene downloads will be released on the Falcon Studios Group Store on that same day.

Brent Corrigan takes a dip in the pool and spies Roman Todd lounging on the pool deck in his swim suit. Brent decides to take a closer look and with his muscles glistening and his body dripping wet, he hops out of the pool and walks over to Roman. No words are exchanged as they make extended eye contact. Brent knows what that means and without an invitation, peels off Roman’s tight swimwear and gets to work sucking his thick rod. Savoring Roman’s big pole makes Brent hard as a rock. It doesn’t go unnoticed by Roman and soon he has every inch of Brent in his open, hungry mouth. When the two studs can’t possibly get any harder, Brent leans Roman over to open him up with his tongue. Roman turns around giving Brent the go-ahead to slide his hard dick deep inside the moaning muscle hunk. Roman takes Brent from behind until Brent decides he wants to be filled with Roman’s throbbing manhood. The horny studs switch positions and Roman takes control as he enters Brent’s tight hole. The steady pounding feels amazing and they let loose to create a pool of creamy love all over Brent’s cut and smooth abs.

“This is an amazing pool scene with two perfect studs and an upscale environment,” said director Tony Dimarco. “Both Brent and Roman know how to play to the audience while they show off the best of their assets and have some fun in the sun.”

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