Sumner Blayne Tells Us All Being Engaged, His Bedroom Perferences & So Much More

We’re Talking with Sumner Blayne on the NakedSword Set

One of our newest gay porn obsessions of 2024 has to be Sumner Blayne. All year long, we’ve been in awe of this versatile jock as he’s topped, bottomed, sucked, and fucked in Falcon Studios and Hot House movies like Into You, Count Me In, and Never Enough. Now, our infatuation with Sumner is rapidly multiplying as he stars in his first-ever NakedSword Originals project and gets soaking wet in the shower with superstar twink Dean Young for In Control.

We were lucky enough to visit the In Control set in Las Vegas, Nevada earlier this year and watch Sumner in action. While Sumner was under the direction of award-winning filmmaker Marc MacNamara, we witnessed this ripped star getting sucked off in the shower and fucking Dean near a window that overlooked the now-iconic Las Vegas Sphere. When he wasn’t busy pounding Dean, we got the chance to catch up with Sumner and talk about everything from his recent engagement to spontaneous fisting hookups to his love for eating ass.

Read our on-set chat with Sumner below, let us know all your hot thoughts down in the comments, and to see even more from Sumner, be sure to check out his scene for In Control right now over on and the Falcon | NakedSword store!

How’s Vegas treating you so far?
It’s been fun! I’ve been taking it easy during the evenings, so I’ve been getting my sleep in.

Not to eavesdrop, but I did hear you and Dean talking earlier when we brought up fisting that you just had one of your first fisting experiences?
It was a guy I met over New Years when I was in Miami and we were just talking about fisting and he mentioned that he really loves getting fisted and I said that I had been in the mood to try it out and he was like, ‘Okay, let’s do it!’ It was my partner, his partner – we were all just floating around in their hotel room and one thing led to another.

And then just a casual impromptu fisting? 
Yeah, and so my partner and his partner just watched!

Scale of 1-10, how was the experience? Would you do it again? 
I would definitely do it again. I mean, 10/10 experience. Good looking guy, good chemistry, very easy-going, and he knew that I had never done it, so he was accommodating. Even though he was the one getting fisted, it’s like he was helping me through the experience – guiding me.

An impromptu fisting is a great party story to tell. Seems like a good experience overall. 
Yeah, cause we went back to the party afterward and I have some friends that are into fisting, so it was fun to just be like, ‘Guess what I just did!’

Speaking of your partner, you also have a YouTube podcast with him. What’s that about? 
It’s our YouTube slash podcast. My fiancé [Koaty Blayne] and I started it about a couple of years ago. We are on there talking about sex, relationships, and just gay culture in general. Often times, we’re just relaying our own experiences. We’ve been together five years, so we just talk about things that have happened in our relationship and our coming out stories and our life stories. If people can learn or gain something from that or if it just puts a smile on someone’s face, that’s what we’re doing it for.

How’d you meet your man?
We met at New York World Pride in 2019 and I was at New York Pride with my ex-boyfriend – boyfriend at the time – and he was our third. (Laughs) For the night! That relationship was on its way out… towards the end. You know, we broke up a couple of weeks later, but definitely, I can admit that meeting Koaty was the catalyst. We just connected so well and so, when that relationship ended, we just started talking immediately right away.

Love that you found each other. That’s so cute.
Now we’re engaged. We’ve been together five years.

Do we have a date?
It’s not for a while. It’s like October 2026. He’s taking his time. I planned the proposal, so we make the joke that he’s planning the wedding.

Can we get any tea on the proposal? Can we know how that went down? 
What happened? Oh yeah, I think I did a good job. I did a surprise proposal in Paris. We were in Europe and one of our stops was Paris. We were there for a few days. I planned a surprise proposal along the Seine – which is the river where the Eiffel Tower is in the background. Had a setup with someone playing the violin and a whole area with champagne and pictures and stuff. Proposed to him there with the Eiffel Tower in the background and then we took a four-course meal, two-hour boat ride along the Seine just to celebrate and relax after the proposal.

Now this NakedSword movie that you’re filming with Dean Young today is all about the models acting out their own fantasies and being In Control of the entire scene. When you’re In Control, are you more likely to be the dom or the sub?
Most likely the dom.

Top or bottom?
I am very verse. It just depends on what I’m walking into, but I think over the years, I’ve definitely been more of a verse top. I can snap into whatever role I need to. If I’m with someone who is submissive, I can be very dominant. If I’m with someone who is dominant, tell me I’m a good boy and tell me what to do and I’m all set, you know?

Sucking dick or rimming?

Being sucked or being rimmed? 

You and Dean are the same! Those are the same answers that Dean gave. 
Are we? I love that. I love my ass getting eaten and I love eating ass, yeah.

Host or travel? 
Host. I wanna be in my bed.

What type of underwear do you want your partner to be wearing? 
I love a good thong or just briefs.

Oh, you also mentioned earlier that you love a man in uniform. What’s your preferred style of uniform? 
Like a business suit or suit I think is really hot. Just suits make someone look so handsome and ripping off the suit or having the pants pulled down, but the button-up and blazer still on I think can look really hot.

Favorite toy to use in the bedroom? 
My hand… I’m just kidding. I would say… I have this silicone butt. So if I’m by myself and I’m masturbating or whatnot, that’s really fun because you can fuck it. But if I’m with someone and playing with a toy, I think a vibrating dildo can be really fun.

Hottest place to have sex? 
Honestly, I’m really probably boring. I think the hottest place to have sex is my bed. Just cause sex in a bed is the most comfortable!

Best place to finish? 
If I’m topping, I like to finish in someone and watch them cum all over themselves while I’m cumming in them. But if I’m bottoming, I guess the reverse if I’m bottoming and being submissive. Or sometimes, cum on my face.


[Watch Sumner Blayne in IN CONTROL]

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