Special Access: Diego Sans & Marc MacNamara Talk Blue Balls & Unique Rimming Techniques For ‘Discretion Advised: Uncut’

Check Out This UNCUT Episode from the Official DISCRETION ADVISED Patreon Page

As a special treat to their fans, the Discretion Advised crew is giving everyone full access to one of their favorite installments of Discretion Advised: Uncutits official spin-off podcast that’s available exclusively on Patreon.com/DiscAdPod with new episodes dropping every Monday – for the first time ever.

In this episode, hosts Marc MacNamara and Diego Sans are talking all about the birds, the bees, and everything in between. Nothing is off the table as these two dish on sucking fingers, blue balls, queefs, body hair, and some truly unique rimming techniques. Check out the full episode here and for even more Uncut action from Marc and Diego along with tons more must-see content, be sure to subscribe to Discretion Advised: Uncut over on Patreon!

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