NEW! Parker London & Jake Austin!

Stretched out and soakin’ up the sun, Jake Austin is rousted from relaxing, targeted by hunky Parker London who playfully spritzes him with a water gun. They both burst into smiles as Parker douses his buddy’s crotch to reveal the big salami screamin’ to surface from the snug wet briefs keeping it down. And Jake’s pretty much impressed with the equally hefty bulge Parker’s sportin’. He fishes it out and sucks it down hungrily. Then the big guy takes his turn tootin’ on Jake’s meat whistle. He also plays with the brunet’s asshole, rimming and poking a couple of fingers inside to prep it for the big fuck he’s got planned. First laying back with his legs spread wide apart and then while standing up and bent forward, Jake moans and groans as Parker drills his ass relentlessly. They finish with Jake riding Parker’s porker until both men explode with geysers of cum.

To watch this scene from Falcon’s “Dripping Wet 3” hop on over to – and to check out a few hot action pics take a jump…

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