Falcon’s “Aspen VI” Exclusive First Look!

Colby Keller looks right at home in this exclusive sneak peek at Falcon’s The Other Side Of Aspen VI.

You’re aware that Falcon is currently shooting a sequel to one of the most legendary and influential gay porn series in history, The Other Side Of Aspen, right? Good. Here is your first look at some of the cast, including Colby Keller (I swear he was born to be in this movie), Tony Buff, Landon Conrad, Roman Heart, Adam Killian, Heath Jordan, Shane Frost, and Gavin Waters. It’s a smörgåsbord of the biggest names and the biggest dicks in porn, all in one iconic sequel, which is also the first Falcon movie to be directed by Raging Stallion’s Chris Ward since the Raging/Falcon merger. Not to over sell this since what you’re seeing is all I’ve seen so far, too, but…this is gonna be really good.

See All the Exclusive Photos Here.

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The first gay porn I ever saw was The Other Side Of Aspen III, so I’m feeling a little nostalgic. Aspen III and its immediate follow-up, Aspen IV, introduced me to gay porn legends Johnny Hanson, Ken Ryker, Hal Rockland, Tom Steele, and more. Some of the movies’ scenes are forever etched in my mind. Remember that shower scene with Carl Erik and Kevin Dean? That hot tub three-way with Cliff Jensen? Johnny Hanson getting a blowjob in a ski lift?

My favorite scene is this one though. Johnny Hanson plays a ski instructor who’s cheating on his boyfriend (Chad Knight) with blond bombshell Cort Stevens.

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