Model Spotlight: Andrew Stark


Andrew Stark in Intensity, Part 2

Andrew Stark has already made a big impression since signing as a Falcon Exclusive. This stud has a handsome, clean-cut look: his sharp jawline is accentuated by a neatly trimmed brown beard, and his 6’2” chiseled physique is dominated by powerful arms and broad, defined pecs. Once he gets going, however, Andrew’s boy-next-door appearance gives way to reveal a relentless sexual appetite. His ferocious performances in Falcon Studios’ Intensity, Part 1 and Falcon Edge’s Stunners put his huge endowment to spectacular use. This week, see Andrew deliver a full-force fucking to Ludo Sander’s hole in the new Falcon release Intensity, Part 2. Fans can look forward to Andrew’s scene with Landon Conrad in Hard Friction’s Balls Deep, coming out July 25, and should expect many more powerhouse performances to come from this Falcon Exclusive.

Andrew Stark Videography:

Intensity, Part 2 – Falcon Studios
Stunners – Falcon Edge
Intensity, Part 1 – Falcon Studios

Andrew Stark Model Spotlight Gallery: 

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