Sean Zevran and Carlos Lindo Debut ‘Private Practice’ on

Director Nick Foxx Injects a Healthy Dose of Sex to Medical Fantasy has announced the exclusive world premiere of the debut scene from their latest DVD, Private Practice, headed up by award-winning director, Nick Foxx . The first scene from the new release features Hot House fan faves Sean Zevran and Carlos Lindo in a medical exam that ends with the doctor and the patient flip fucking in the office. The first scene from ‘Private Practice’ will debut on on November 23, 2017. The DVD and scene downloads will be released on the Falcon Studios Group Store on November 22.

Doctor Sean Zevran is consulting his patient, Carlos Lindo. As they go over Carlos’ stellar health and fitness charts, Sean puts his patient at ease by rubbing his firm chest and sticking his tongue down Carlos’ throat. Carlos is responsive to the doctor and is the first to take a taste as he gets on his knees to service the doc’s massive, uncut cock. He keeps Sean throbbing hard with every slurp and suck from his eager mouth until the revved up doctor can no longer take it. After giving Sean an oral exam with his own mouth, the doctor makes sure that Carlos is wide enough to take his cock by measuring Carlos’ asshole with his tongue. Sean discovers that it’s wide and deep and takes his position behind the horny stud. Sean gives his patient the only treatment available for his condition by pounding his hole fast and hard, going as deep as he possibly can. When Sean is convinced his patient is ready for phase two of the treatment, he lies back and lets Carlos enter his ass with his giant meaty dick. Carlos fucks the cum out of his doctor and cannot resist adding his own load to the mix when he sees the creamy explosion.


“What gets me off about scenarios like these in Private Practice, is the abuse of power and crossing a line that you typically wouldn’t in your everyday life,” said director Nick Foxx. “Having an ominous call back to the doctor’s office to discuss results, that turn out to be totally fine, but the doc just wanted to get you alone, feeling vulnerable is really a dirty thing to do. Then putting the patient at ease… messed up in the sexiest way possible.”



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