RagingStallion.com Releases First Scene from ’24 Hour Boner’

Steve Cruz Directs Exclusive Rikk York with Teddy Torres in Debut Scene

RagingStallion.com, the Falcon Studios Group site featuring natural men, announced the release of the debut scene from its latest feature, 24 Hour Boner. Award-winning director Steve Cruz directs Rikk York and Teddy Torres in a scene set in a 24-hour convenience store where a delivery guy gets the surprise of his life from the store clerk with a raging hard-on dangling from his pants . The scene will go live on RagingStallion.com on December 15, 2017. The DVD and scene downloads will be available the same day on the Falcon Studios Group Store.

Hunky Rikk York can barely keep his eyes open while working at the 24-hour convenience store. To stay awake, he guzzles down what he thinks is an energy drink. It turns out to be a boner elixir and it works instantly. In the meantime, delivery guy Teddy Torres is stacking boxes in the storage room when Rikk walks in with his dick in his hand. Teddy takes one look at the thick, uncut cock in Rikk’s meaty fist and immediately gets on his knees to help relieve Rikk. Teddy is hungry for cock and wraps his warm lips around Rikk’s big one to take it all the way down his throat. Rikk can see that Teddy has a raging hard-on and returns the favor. When Teddy can’t get any harder, he bends Rikk over and after priming his hairy asshole with spit for lube, he rams his monster cock all the way into the muscle stud. Rikk gets railed deep and then realizes he still has a boner to reduce. He throws Teddy down on the table and slides his throbbing rod into the hairy hunk. Rikk pounds away until both of them let loose and dump their milky loads all over Teddy’s furry stomach.

“If you’ve ever been to the store and had a crush on your favorite clerk or wondered what the delivery guy is sporting under his uniform, you’ll really appreciate this scene,” said director Steve Cruz. “It mixes a bit of humor in with two undie-dropping cocks that will leave you unable to look away from the screen.”

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