Raging Stallion Releases Convenience Store Spoof 24 Hour Boner

Director Steve Cruz Imagines The World’s Most Lecherous Little Market

The Falcon Studios Group brand featuring rough and rugged natural men, Raging Stallion, has released their latest feature, 24 Hour Boner. Award-winning Director Steve Cruz leads a cast of 10 all-natural studs through the doors to a convenience store filled with debauchery. Customers, delivery guys, clerks and truckers needing a respite come together to find a common ground by helping each other out with their ever-present boners. ’24 Hour Boner’ is now available on DVD and for download on the Falcon Studios Group Store.

The cock-popping convenience store satire is headed up by Exclusive Rikk York who is joined by fan favorites Tegan Zayne, Teddy Torres, Sergeant Miles, Jaxton Wheeler, Lorenzo Flexx, Seth Santoro, Aleks Buldocek, Nate Stetson, and Jett Rink.

Welcome to the world’s most fun and amazing 24-hour convenience store, where hot studs suck cock, fuck ass, and drink cum to pass the time. Step inside to do your shopping and you’ll be sure to find all the 24 Hour Boner you can handle!

Rikk York finds himself horny after accidentally drinking a boner elixir on the job. Luckily for Rikk, delivery guy Teddy Torres is there to help relieve him of his symptoms. When Sergeant Miles hits the bathroom to take a piss, he gets more than he bargained for when he sees Tegan Zayne’s bearded lips inviting him to slip his cock through a glory hole. Jaxton Wheeler and Lorenzo Flexx are buying food when they realize no one is at the register. Jaxton takes full advantage of the situation and after getting a blowjob from his buddy while eating, he fucks the cum out of Lorenzo. Seth Santoro catches Sergeant Miles shoplifting and tries to stop the hunky stud from stealing. Instead of stopping the action, Seth finds himself getting railed as the hung shoplifter fucks his hairy asshole. Alek Buldocek finds Tegan Zayne with his cock out in the bathroom. Without words, Alek cracks a beer and lets Tegan suck him off before he fucks the load out of the horny bathroom pig. Rikk York is cleaning up the store when customer Nate Stetson enters to find Rikk rubbing his crotch. Nate takes his cue and the studs swap blowjobs until they both cum hard. Just as the two hunks finish up sucking each other off, Jett Rink enters the store. Nate and Rikk get to work on toned stud by spit roasting him. The three horny studs finish each other off as the cum flies into faces and on the floor. Whether you’re at the store to buy food, take a piss, or admire the studs who work inside, 24 Hour Boner will deliver exactly what you need. The store never closes, and neither do the mouths and assholes inside!

“I was at a 7/11 late one night and the clerk —who was so fucking hot by the way, he looked pretty exhausted. I suggested he take one of his own energy drinks. Staring at his crotch I was launched into this fantasy of what would happen if he took the wrong formula energy drink and opted for an aphrodisiac. Would it be sexual mayhem, like fucking all over the place?? Certainly gives new meaning to the claim, always open!— Well in our movie that’s pretty much what happens. ENJOY!”

Falcon Studios President Tim Valenti said: “I love the concept of taking something completely so ordinary and banal from everyday life and making it into a sort of circus of sex. This store is a mess. No one’s ever tending it because they’re all too busy sucking cock and getting fucked. That’s a great way to get laid, but no way to run a business.”

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