Jimmy Durano and Dante Colle World Premiere ‘Spot Me’ on HotHouse.com

Nick Foxx Directs Sex in the Park

HotHouse.com has announced the exclusive world premiere of the debut scene from its latest series, Spot Me, created by award-winning director, Nick Foxx. The first scene from the new release features Jimmy Durano and Dante Colle in a public sex fantasy where the gym term “Spot Me” takes on a new meaning in the park. The first scene from Spot Me will debut on HotHouse.com on March 2, 2018. The DVD and scene downloads will be released on the Falcon Studios Group Store that same day.

Jimmy Durano and Dante Colle are winded from jogging in the park and stop to take a much-needed break. As Dante catches his breath, Jimmy catches his eye and before Jimmy knows what’s happening, Dante’s hands are up his shorts. The two look around to make sure no one is coming and then Dante gets to work sucking on Jimmy’s big fat curved cock. All the sucking is making Dante crave Jimmy’s uncut dick up his ass, so he peels off his shorts and offers up his hole. Jimmy licks Dante’s hairy crack and gets it nice and lubed up with his prying tongue. Dante can’t hold off any longer and sits down on Jimmy’s big pole. Jimmy pumps away going balls deep until Dante’s cock leaks cum all over the sidewalk. Dante isn’t quite done yet and stands up to get railed against the fence. Jimmy’s cock plows Dante’s hairy hole again until he makes the young stud cum a second time. Jimmy knows he’s done a good job satisfying his jogging partner and gives himself permission to finish off. He pulls out and blasts his thick, creamy load all over the ground before the two put on their shorts and run off, leaving a used condom and three loads of jizz behind.


“The debut scene from Spot Me is all about the thrill and danger of fucking in public,” said Falcon Studios Group President, Tim Valenti. “If you ever decide to have sex in the park, you always have to make sure one or both or all people are spotting to make sure you don’t get discovered. Jimmy Durano and Dante Colle are convincing in their realistic and extremely sexy performances of how not to get caught fucking in the park.”


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