See The Triple Debut For Raging’s ‘Well Bred’ Threesome

Bravo Reality Star Lobo Carreira Makes First-Ever Appearance

A familiar face is set to join the Raging Stallion crew! Tomorrow, debuts the studio’s premier scene with reality television star Lobo Carreira. Known for his role as a deckhand in the fifth season of Bravo’s popular Below Deck series, Carreira, who can be seen below getting his seven inches sucked, will make their first-ever Raging Stallion appearance in a bareback threesome that is also the scene debut of Well Bred, the latest project from award-winning director Tony Dimarco.

Also featuring the Raging Stallion debuts of models Alex Ink and Justin Jett, the premiere of Well Bred hits on Friday, April 28th, with the full movie available in the Falcon | NakedSword store next week (Friday, May 5th).

In the movie’s debut scene, burly landscaper Justin Jett is measuring out the backyard of Lobo Carreira and Alex Ink’s home when he looks through the couple’s sliding glass door and becomes distracted by the sight of them swallowing dick in their kitchen. Touching his cock, Justin invites himself in to make the men’s afternoon delight a midday three-way. Moving into the bedroom, Justin and Lobo begin servicing Alex’s hole and pole before Justin goes to suck Lobo from behind and fuck his inviting ass.

A fuck train then forms with Alex barebacking Justin while the gardener is still filling up and stretching out Lobo’s hole. Lobo changes positions so he and his partner are spit-roasting Justin until they form another intricate fuck formation with Lobo riding Justin as Justin rides Lobo. Ready to bust, Justin gets on his back eager to have the horny couple smother his body and beard in cum.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better Raging Stallion debut,” said Lobo Carreira. “What could be hotter than a threesome with Alex Ink and Justin Jett?”

“It’s been obvious to Bravo audiences that Lobo Carreira is an intriguing personality, and now Raging Stallion fans have the opportunity to go even deeper with the reality star stud,” said director Tony Dimarco. “Lobo’s threesome with the gorgeous Justin Jett and tatted-up Alex Ink is the perfect to start to Well Bred, a movie jam-packed with the industry’s sexiest men.”


[WELL BRED ft. Justin Jett, Lobo Carreira & Alex Ink]

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