WATCH: Beau Butler & Cade Maddox Talk Best Places To Nut

All-Star Falcon | NakedSword Exclusives Spill Their Cummy Preferences in ‘Falcon LIVE: Get 2 It’ Interview

Where do you prefer to finish? In someone’s mouth? In their hole? These, along with many others, are the questions that Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive Beau Butler and Cade Maddox are answering during a pre-fuck interview for their episode of Falcon LIVE: Get 2 It.

When asked about his nutty preferences, Beau reveals that while he does “always” prefer to shoot ropes in someone’s ass, if it’s an on-camera hookup, he’s more partial to busting in their mouth. Cade agreed with Beau and went on to explain to the virtual FalconLive audience and the behind-the-scenes crew of Trenton Ducati and Devin Franco why he’s a big supporter of breeding. 

“Ass is way better as a top because you don’t have to pull out,” explained a ready-to-fuck Cade. “It doesn’t stop the enjoyment.”

If you want to check out Cade and Beau’s full cum-loving answers, you can watch the first four minutes of their Falcon LIVE: Get 2 It scene below and if you want to see what goes on after their horny conversation, click on over to!

[Watch FALCON LIVE: GET 2 IT ft. Cade Maddox & Beau Butler]

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