This ‘Discretion Advised’ Fire Island Show Is Out of Control

Andre Donovan Gives Boomer Banks A Spicy Lap Dance with Help from Broadway’s Natalie Joy Johnson

Couldn’t make it to the Discretion Advised live show on Fire Island? No worries! For the latest episode of the Falcon | NakedSword podcast, you’re getting to catch up on all the action with the official audio and video from Discretion Advised: Live @ PLAY! Join hosts Marc MacNamara and John Hill are the pod takes over Marc’s weekly interactive game show at The Pavilion on Fire Island Pines with Marc questioning fellow host John Hill on his mysterious rash and both hosts rating and reviewing all of the intimate pics you DMed us last week.

Next, industry superstars Boomer Banks and Andre Donovan join a few lucky audience members on stage for a selection of unfiltered games with one of the games even leading to one fan getting a handful of these girthy performers! Natalie Joy Johnson then comes in to compete in a fake orgasm contest with Andre. Then, she breaks out your favorite siren song as a slideshow of dick pics plays in the background. To close it all out, all of our guests spice up their lives as Natalie provides the perfect soundtrack for Andre to give Boomer an interpretive lap dance.

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