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Award-winning superstar Max Konnor is back on the cover of HUNT! Not only that, this Falcon | NakedSword exclusive is also back at Hot House with a brand new scene for Make It Last – the second sun-soaked film from the “Falcon’s Endless Summer” season-long event. In this just-released scene, Max can be seen lounging poolside with his cock out as he enjoys some serious relaxation and ejaculation. You can catch that scene right now on and if you’re craving even more content from this muscle hunk’s ten inches, be sure to check out NakedSword Originals’ Release Room  and The Swords. And if you want to be a true Max Konnor stan, go ahead and watch Reign and Adrian Hart’s scene from Falcon Studios’ Men’s Briefs – aka the scene that won Max a 2023 GayVN Award for Best Director! So much content and so little time!

Max Konnor on the Falcon | NakedSword Store
Max Konnor on 
Max Konnor on
Max Konnor on
Max Konnor on

Max Konnor Videography

Make It Last – Hot House
The Swords – NakedSword Originals
Release Room – NakedSword Originals 
Under the Influencer – Falcon Studios
Men’s Briefs – Falcon Studios
Dirty Desert Doctors – Hot House
RIDE OR DIE: RAW DEAL – Raging Stallion
Train My Hole – NakedSword Originals 
Dirty 30 Bareback Birthday – Raging Stallion
Falcon LIVE: 4 the Fans – Falcon Studios
Tales From the Locker Room 2 – Falcon Studios
Best Sex Ever – NakedSword Originals
Sgt. Dick – Hot House
Best Sex Ever – NakedSword Originals 
Mountain Tops – Raging Stallion
Work From Home – Falcon Studios
All The Feels – Falcon Studios
SCRUM – Raging Stallion
I Love New York – NakedSword Originals 
Towel Boy – Hot House
The Super – Raging Stallion
Rideshare – Raging Stallion

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