This New Killer Thriller Shifts Halloween Season Into ‘Overdrive’

Superstars Derek Kage and Paul Wagner Headline First Scene of Raging Stallion’s Terrifying Slasher Film

Raging Stallion Studios is giving gay porn lovers and horror fanatics a brand-new obsession just in time for Halloween! Today, the studio released the much-anticipated premiere of Overdrive, the new horror-thriller from directors Steve Cruz and Ben Rush, that centers on the all-too-real fear of encountering an unhinged rideshare driver who knows where you live. Starring Derek Kage as the unpredictable chauffeur and Paul Wagner as his unsuspecting prey, the first scene of Overdrive is out now on The full movie can also be purchased on DVD and as a digital download in the Falcon | NakedSword store, and the official Overdrive capsule collection, featuring limited-edition branded t-shirts, sweatshirts, and more, can be found at

When awkward rideshare driver Derek Kage picks up handsome-but-cocky passenger Paul Wagner from a local airport, he can’t ignore his instant physical attraction. Paul, both turned on by and hesitant about the driver’s intensity – and against his own better judgment – agrees to stop at a vacant nearby garage for a rough flip-fuck with the unstable motorist. As the night draws in, though, Paul grows increasingly uncomfortable with Derek’s obsessive and menacing text messages and calls, immediately filing a grievance with the “Let It Ride” car service app.

Discernibly unhinged and now even more enraged by Paul’s deliberate complaint, Derek begins a deadly and twisted descent into madness that leaves a grisly body count in its horrifying wake. Co-starring exclusive Beau Butler, Lawson James, Timothy Chance, Brogan, Danny Starr, and Sean Xavier, Overdrive signals a new kind of terror that’s just one swipe away. So, go ahead; jump in the back seat. You’ll be at your final destination sooner than you think.

Overdrive gives fans a one-two-punch, blending the genres of gay porn and horror,” said acclaimed co-director and screenwriter Ben Rush. “The amazing cast, led by Derek Kage, Paul Wagner, and Falcon | NakedSword exclusive Beau Butler, will have viewers on edge – in more ways than one!” 

“It was exciting to work on an all-new tentpole feature for Raging Stallion. Overdrive goes to places ordinary porn projects do not, but I believe there is a crossover fan base between dark thrillers and porn fans who want more – more action, more hot sex, and more production value. Co-director Ben Rush and I worked our asses off to give you that!” said award-winning co-director Steve Cruz. “It was great to reunite with Paul Wagner after a decade; he’s even more captivating today. Derek Kage should be a contender for best lead actor this season, as he gave a spell-binding performance. He never stepped out of character, not even during cum shots.”

Check out some early reviews from Overdrive below, let us know all of your hot thoughts down in the comments, and if you want to see even more from Raging’s new horror movie, head over to and the Falcon | NakedSword store!

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