Falcon Donates to ACLU’s Drag Defense Fund with Limited Edition Merch

Watch the New Drag PSA from Falcon Studios

You’ve been reading about Falcon Studios’ new Christmastime feature Cum All Ye Faithful for weeks now and we’re finally excited to announce that this movie has officially dropped. Yep! As of today, you can catch holly jolly action from stars like Beau Butler and Dean Young over on FalconStudios.com and in the Falcon | NakedSword store.

Not only that, but along with this horny holiday feature, Falcon Studios has released a new campaign to raise money to help fight against anti-drag legislation across the country. Following the fundraising theme of Cum All Ye Faithful, Falcon Studios has published a special PSA starring drag icons Sherry Vine and Ethylina Canne to promote a limited-edition line of ‘Christmas Queen’ merchandise. A portion of the proceeds from this new capsule collection of shirts, hoodies, tanks, and mugs is being donated to the ACLU Drag Defense Fund. Check out the full PSA below and be sure to grab your own ‘Christmas Queen’ merch right now over at FalconMerchShop.com!

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