Exclusive: Nicholas Ryder Answers Our Rapid Fire Questions

Nicholas Ryder Makes His Return to RagingStallion.com

A familiar face is about to make his return to Raging Stallion! First thing tomorrow, the scruffy studio is set to debut the second scene from The Beach House and with it, the Raging return of Nicholas Ryder.

Raging Stallion fans originally met this hunk all the way back in 2019 thanks to the horror-thriller The Night Riders and the studio’s Bareback Crashpad. Now, following a break from the industry, Nicholas is making his big return to the studio by catching some fish at the titular Beach House and getting fucked by Raging Stallion newcomer Heath Halo.

Moments after Nicholas wrapped his scene with Heath, The Sword and the Falcon Blog caught up with the star for a rapid-fire interview that has Nicholas dishing on everything from the mile-high club to double penetration. Read our on-set chat with Nicholas below and for even more content from The Beach House, check out Nicholas’ new scene when it drops Friday over on RagingStallion.com and be sure to grab some official movie gear at FalconMerchShop.com!

Without giving anything away, can you describe the shoot that you did today in three words?
Really fucking amazing.

This is your first Raging shoot in a couple of years. I think 2019 was your last time?
It is! Yeah. You really looked back on that, didn’t you?

What’s your favorite thing to do on camera?
On camera? Getting fucked.

What’s the fastest way to make you cum?

Oh, yeah.

Is there a sexual act that you haven’t tried and want to try or a sexual act that you want to explore more of?
Uh, I don’t know. That’s a tough one. I’ve done a lot. I’d probably try DP. I haven’t tried that yet. I know I can do it.

Being the recipient of the DP? 
Oh, yeah. Getting it.

Do you prefer to host or travel?
I like traveling.

What do you wear to sleep?

Great! Favorite way to relax?
I play Fortnite at night.

One of my other questions was about your favorite video game.
That’s the only one I have.

Weirdest place you’ve ever had sex?
Weirdest place? I don’t know. That back of a car in a field?

Are you a member of the mile-high club?
Does jerking off count?

Then yes.

I’ve gotten a blowjob on an airplane.

That counts! 
It was like 2013.

First celebrity crush?
First celebrity? It would have to be Arnold Schwarzenegger, right?

Who is your current celebrity crush? Is it Arnold?
No, it’s not Arnold. That’s a tough one too. Liam Hemsworth?

I think I know this from the missionary answer, but top or bottom?
I’m a bottom. I can top, but I’m just not as good as bottoming.

Sucking dick or rimming?
I like sucking dick.

Being sucked or being rimmed?
I like being sucked.

How many jockstraps do you own?
Ah, one. If! …I think I only have one and it’s lavender.

Is it something that was bought or given to you?
It was given to me on a photoshoot and that’s the only reason why I have it.

Are you boxers or briefs generally?
I don’t wear fucking almost any underwear!

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