WATCH: Falcon Studios Drops Blooper Reel for New Christmas Movie

Laugh Out Loud with Damian Night, Presley Scott, & Sherry Vine in This New Blooper & Outtake Reel from Falcon Studios

You’ve been watching all the holly jolly action from Cum All Ye Faithful unfold over the last couple of weeks on, but now, Falcon is giving fans a hilarious behind-the-scenes look at its new Yuletide feature! Released today on the Falcon | NakedSword YouTube channel, the official blooper and outtake reel for Cum All Ye Faithful features some LOL-worthy moments with hunks Damian Night and Presley Scott from the film’s opening scene along with plenty of side-splitting quips from drag icon Sherry Vine. Take a look at the full reel below and for even more Cum All Ye Faithful content, head over to!

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