Heidi N Closet’s ‘Discretion Advised’ Interview Just Dropped!

Watch Marc MacNamara and John Hill Interview RuPaul’s Drag Race Superstar Heidi N Closet

Marc MacNamara and John Hill are back with an all-new episode and already struggling. Listen and watch along as John describes the technological failings of his first-ever attempt at going live on TikTok and as Marc recounts everything that just went wrong on the set of his latest movie. After pulling themselves together with a round of Thot Topics, RuPaul’s Drag Race icon Heidi N Closet comes on the pod to give some drag queen superlatives and spill on everything from why they left All Stars season 8 to Peppermint’s premature elimination from The Traitors to Plane Jane’s shady behavior on season 16 before dishing on plenty of wild conspiracy theories and the celebrities that believe them. The hosts then open up their DMs to answer some listener questions about hair preferences, speedos, and the personal reasons they wouldn’t be able to star in gay porn.

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