Talking About Everything From Hairy Holes to Meat Paws With Heath Halo

We’re Catching Up with Heath Halo on the NakedSword Set!

TGIF! We’re kicking off the weekend with an exclusive interview that has us talking with one of our favorite hairy muscle hunks!

You know Heath Halo from his popular group scenes in Raging Stallion projects like AGGRO! and The Beach House. More recently, this stud has been making waves with an appearance on the Discretion Advised podcast along with back-to-back releases for NakedSword. Not only do we get to see him tied up and blindfolded in the finale of In Control, we also get to watch him get double penetrated and pissed on for the first episode of Bred & Breakfast: All The Way Inn.

We were lucky enough to catch up with Heath Halo in New York City right before he stepped in front of the camera to film his bound and bareback scene for In Control. Throughout our chat, we talk all about unexplored kinks, unfortunate dating app messages, how he met his husband at an orgy, and so much more. Take a look below and to see even more from Heath Halo, be sure to check out his new scenes over on!

Last time we talked, it was 2023 and we were on the set of Raging Stallion’s The Beach House and it was right before you filmed the finale fourgy scene with Beau Butler, Cole Ryan, and Ryder Flynn. How was that experience? 
Oh my gosh, that was so much fun. That was actually one of the more fun scenes that I’ve had in porn. We had really good chemistry and all the professionalism there. So that was really cool to work with those guys.

In that scene, you had some one-on-one time with Beau Butler. You guys were great in that scene together. 
Yes, that was great. We had a super great time and we’ve been fast friends since. He’s an awesome, awesome person.

You also just saw him on the set of AGGRO! – your second movie for Raging Stallion. What was that set like?
It was really cool to see everyone at their filthiest. [Director] Steve Cruz was after something with that movie. (Laughs)

And you’re saying these are just filthy…
Filthy. Dirty. Piggy. Spit. Slapping. All the good stuff.

One thing we didn’t get to talk about during our last interview is that you met your husband at an orgy. 
I did!

How do you meet a husband at an orgy? 
Well, he walked in the door. I was chilling on the couch, I was actually about to leave, I was talking to the host and I was about to leave and he walked in and I changed my mind. (Laughs) He walked in and I followed him around through the house like a weirdo in my harness and nothing else. You know, we just kept making goo-goo eyes at each other and finally got together and then afterward, we went off by ourselves and talked.

Aw, romantic. That would be a cute little rom-com. 
Yes, it should be. Yeah, our life is a rom-com.

(Laughs) And now you’re in this movie. In Control – your first NakedSword movie. Can you give us a rundown on your scene and what you’re acting out today?
So [the director] Marc, asked us, the models, ‘What are you into? What really gets you going?’ And we took a couple of things and applied those to our scene. So these are all really comfortable experiences that we’re having and there are also some from more of our fantasy side and dirty side. We got some oral, some tying up, some blindfolds, and I’m with Hunter Vance who is super sexy.

‘What’re you into?’ is a very common question on dating apps and one thing I have been asking the guys is if they’ve ever gotten a weird request on a hookup or dating app or what’s the weirdest message you’ve ever received?
It’s been a while. I haven’t been on a dating app in a really, really long time. Umm… I did have a guy that I was super attracted to that wouldn’t mess around with me because I had hair on my asshole.

Oh, and he just told you that outright? 
Yeah, he was like, ‘You can shave.’ And I said no and he was like, no. I was like, you’re strange, but whatever, you like what you like.

Following the theme of your scene – if you’re completely In Control in the bedroom, would you say you’re going to be more the dom or the sub?
It depends on who I’m with. It’s an energy thing that really can’t be manufactured. It’s either pheromones and scents and smells or some sort of energy, but with me, it’s just talking with a person and that kind of decides how that will go. I can be a sub or I can be dom.

You’ve said that you’re verse fully. 100%, right?
Yeah, I don’t like to limit my options for fun. (Laughs)

Now that you’ve been starring in these big studio projects and you have your fan pages, have you started being recognized in public?
I have been recognized twice and it was very uncomfortable. I turned so red. I was like (giggles) and ran away. One time, I was in a – and I don’t go out often, so I’m already out of my element being in a dance club – and someone said that to me and I just went and hid behind the bar. (Laughs) Not behind the bar, but on the side of the bar. So it’s in its beginnings I think. I’m sure I’d be upset if it didn’t happen. (Laughs)

Getting into the fantasy aspect of In Control, is there anything that you haven’t tried sexually that you want to try or something you’ve dabbled in that you want to get more into? 
I would like to experience getting tied up some more in different ways. There are lot of methods and I would be interested in working with someone who really understands…

Suspended from a ceiling? That kind of thing?
Yes! Yes. Derek Kage did some photos not that long ago of him hanging from a ceiling and they were super super hot. I’d love that. That right there!

Is there anything where you’re just like, that’s not for me? I don’t you know like to limit options, but… 
Well, I mean, let’s not get crazy. (Laughs) I’ve tried fisting, but only with my partner.

Giving or receiving? 
Receiving and it got in there and I didn’t like it. So I don’t think it’s for me.

Not for you? 
No. Big toys, yes. Meat paws, no.

(Laughs) Meat paws?
(Laughs) You know my husband and you’d know what I’m talking about. Like yeah, that’s a fucking meat paw. 

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