EXCLUSIVE: Heath Halo on Group Fucks, Church Sex, & Brad Pitt

We’re Chatting with Heath Halo on the Set of Raging Stallion’s ‘The Beach House’

It’s time to pump out another exclusive interview from the Myrtle Beach set of Raging Stallion’s The Beach House! You’ve read our conversations with hunks Cole Ryan, Nicholas Ryder, and Caden Jackson, but now, it’s time to get to know Raging Stallion newcomer Heath Halo! 

This scruffy standout appears in three different scenes throughout The Beach House. For his first-ever Raging Stallion scene, Heath is using his hard cock to fuck Nicholas Ryder in the dining room of the titular Beach House. Then, in later scenes, Heath can be seen in both parts of the movie’s massive four-man orgy. This two-scene fourgy, out now on RagingStallion.com, has Heath spending a lazy day on the couch while fooling around with Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive Beau Butler, Cole Ryan, and Ryder Flynn until the quad of bareback beach bros are covering Beau in their fresh loads. 

In this exclusive interview with The Sword and the Falcon Blog, Heath Halo is sharing his thoughts on everything from Brad Pitt to the time he had sex in an actual church. Take a look at our chat below and for even more Beach House content, head over to RagingStallion.com for all three of Heath’s scenes and click over to FalconMerchShop.com for some official Beach House gear.

This is, if I’m correct, your first project with Raging Stallion?
This is my very first one. Brand new. 

What’s it been like so far?
Oh, amazing. The team is awesome to work with. Super professional. These guys are like top of the line of course. I’m honored.

What’s it been like staying in this house with all these other porn stars?
I mean, you can imagine it’s pretty hard not to get hard. (Laughs) But, you know, trying to give everyone their peaceful time, because we’re all here exerting ourselves, but I do sneak a few peeks. 

And you’re going to be in the big group scene?
I am! 

Is that tomorrow?
That is tomorrow.

How are you feeling about that?
Oh, man. It’s going to be so much fun. It’s going to be a blast. I can’t wait.

With group scenes, how many is too many? Or does the limit not exist?
How many is too many? I mean, if you’re going in ham in a club in Spain, there’s no such thing as too many. But if it’s a little house, it’s nice to have a little wiggle room – for the wiggle. (Laughs)

What made you want to get into the adult industry?
I kinda fell in by accident actually. I started a podcast with my husband –

Plug the podcast! Is it still going?
It needs to get going again. There are episodes up there. It’s called Bear N’ the Bro and we just talk about kinks and sexual health and mental health and you know, being gay today and we thought OnlyFans would be a good accompaniment to it, so we could show some of the things we were talking about. And then it just took off from there. Took on a life of its own.

Since this will be many Raging Stallion fans’ first introduction to you, can you – in whatever way you want – introduce yourself by describing yourself in three words? 
Bookish. Quiet. And a little shy. (Laughs)

Is there something that the typical fan wouldn’t know about you? Any hidden interests or secret talents?
Ah, man. I sing really well in the shower. Like if you could swing by one day and just sit outside, I think you’d be amazed.

What’s your go-to shower song?
Adele. (Laughs)

For you, do you have a biggest kink or fetish?
I like groups. I like bondage. 

Now getting into some rapid-fire questions, do you have a favorite tattoo?
Probably my Marcus Aurelius on my arm.

For the readers, describe him a little bit.
So I have a Marcus Aurelius coin, from when he was the Roman emperor, on my right shoulder. He was one of my favorite stoic philosophers and the book Meditations changed my life. So, there he is!

Do you have any piercings? 
I don’t except for my ears.

Favorite way to relax?

Favorite part of your body to work out?

Weirdest place you’ve ever had sex?

(Laughs) Explain. I know it’s rapid-fire right now, but explain.
There’s a sound room and in the sound room, there’s a screen into church where you can see what’s going on inside and that’s where…

Great. So you could see others, but they couldn’t see you?
Yeah. It’s kinda fucked up, but kinda cool.

Are you a member of the mile high club?
I’m not! No, because I always fall asleep.

That’s fair. First celebrity crush? 
Brad Pitt. Fight Club.

Current celebrity crush?
Brad Pitt. Fight Club. Ain’t nobody touching Brad. He had that blond hair. 

Top or bottom?
I’m vers. 100%. 

Sucking dick or rimming?

Being sucked or being rimmed?

Preferred underwear type? Boxers or briefs?
I like briefs. I go with both.

How many jockstraps do you own?
Too many. 

Like there’s a drawer and another drawer and there might be another drawer somewhere. (Laughs)

And lastly – music on or off during sex?

Do you have a go-to fuck song? Genre?
EDM. Like Rüfüs Du Sol kinda feel.

[Watch THE BEACH HOUSE on RagingStallion.com]

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