The Blonds of Falcon

Kevin Williams

Everybody knows that blonds have more fun. And gentlemen, as the song goes, prefer them. With their golden locks, shiny and soft as corn silk, blonds have embodied our fantasies, lived in our dreams, and fueled our desires from the Athenian acropolis to the Hollywood movie house. Falcon Studios is no exception! Kevin Williams, Leo Ford, Kurt Marshall, Skye Dawson, Casey Jordan, Rex Chandler, Ken Ryker, Chase Hunter…. These blonds personified the dream of mind-blowing sex that Falcon has always delivered.

It’s no wonder that Falcon’s founder, Chuck Holmes, first located his studio in California. Where but in “The Golden State” could he find both year-round sunshine for shooting and a seemingly endless supply of blond stars? His earliest films, shot on real celluloid, required a lot of light, which was easiest to come by shooting outdoors. Daylight turns a blond head into a beacon, a reflector that lights up the film frame, almost burning through the print. Falcon’s earliest blonds exploded from the screen with an almost divine brilliance that’s untarnished even today.

Take the legendary 1983 classic, “Spokes.” A gang of five long-distance cyclists stop in an empty barn to perform a sexual initiation on their newest member, Mark Hunter.  As the leader, bossy blond Leo Ford calls the shots as the guys strip out of their sweaty bike trunks and go at it. In the final circle jerk, when four hot hunks kneel down to shoot their loads on supine Mark, Leo occupies the central position. With light pouring in from the open barn door, Leo’s nearly white head casts its brilliance over his darker fuck buddies as he sneeringly tosses his cum left and right.

Leo Ford

Chuck Holmes’s California blonds—surfers, sailors, cowboys, hitchhikers—may have projected innocence and light on the outside, but their furry bulges, once revealed, unleashed the horny beast underneath. High-contrast celluloid only made the juxtaposition of blondness with a dark, bushy crotch all the more titillating. In one of Falcon’s first productions, “Champs,” sun-kissed blond Sky Dawson is a skipper working the docks, fueling up for a pleasure cruise with dusky Dick Fisk. Dawson’s raffish mustache, darker than the bleachy hair on his head, hints early at what’s inside his skimpy swimsuit. Once the guys have laid anchor in a secluded spot, Dick dives at Dawson’s crotch and Sky’s full splendor is revealed, dark and furry…and Fisk sees no reason to keep his mouth to himself.

FVP003_ 2.tif

Sky Dawson

Once the clothes come off, the California boy’s glowing ass cheeks, sprinkled with translucent blond fur, are just as luminous and tantalizing as his hair. Check out Kurt Marshall’s star-making scene in 1987’s “Splash Shots.” It’s another classic pairing of blond and brunet: The angelic Marshall, stripped of his aqua-blue polo and white short-shorts, wants nothing more than to please his dark tennis instructor, Tom Mitchell. Mitchell takes a backseat as the camera savors Marshall’s pale, pulsing ass bending over to swallow up the coach’s cock; and once Mitchell has Kurt bent over, the film cuts delightedly between the bottom’s curly blond locks, pressed urgently to the ground, and his hot white ass that seems to beg the coach to go deeper.


Kurt Marshall

Blonds are bratty. Blond hair signifies luxury and leisure, access to the outdoors and the time to achieve a perfect body—everyone’s dream of the California lifestyle. All those hours by the pool or on the court means the sun, nature’s peroxide, bleaches out every dull impurity atop the head, leaving only the shining proof of affluence.  “In Your Wildest Dreams,” also from 1987, opens on Kevin Williams, perhaps Falcon’s preeminent blond, beside himself with boredom on an overcast day in an enormous California mansion. Having achieved the hair and the body, he’s tossed aside his toys and is looking for distraction. Dark beauty Chad Douglas built his porn career on teaching blonds like Kevin a thing or two. As Kevin’s drop-in trainer, Chad uses the spoiled blond’s shiny toys against him, making a rhythmic cock-feeder of his rowing machine and hard-fucking him on his own preacher curler. We may wonder if this blond bit off more than he could chew…until we see him Kevin his next scene taking on TWO raging brunets, Eric Manchester and Tom Brock!


Here are some more of Falcon’s blonds with a short videography…click on their names to see all DVD on which they are featured.  Scroll down for an additional blond gallery!


Kevin Williams

Stryker Force
Best Of All II
In Your Wildest Dreams
Out Of Bounds
Hot Wired
Full Filled

Leo Ford

The Summer Of Scott Noll

Kurt Marshall

Sizing Up
Splash Shots
Night Flight
The Other Side Of Aspen II

Sky Dawson

The Champs
Biker’s Liberty

Casey Jordan

Out Of Bounds
Perfect Summer
Spokes II
Touch Me
New Pledgemaster
The Backroom

Rex Chandler

Heat In The Night
Made For You
Deep In Hot Water

Ken Ryker

New Pledgemaster
The Backroom
Big River
The Other Side Of Aspen IV: The Rescue
The Renegade

Chase Hunter

Basic Plumbing
Hold Me Again
House Rules
Basic Plumbing
Drenched, Part 1: Soaking It In
Drenched, Part 2: Soaked To The Bone
Tommy’s Tale
Basic Plumbing 3

Blonds of Falcon Gallery:

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