Bonus Action Gallery: ‘Poolside 2’


A-Team Exclusive Derek Atlas & Darius Ferdynand in Poolside 2

The most stunning men sport huge hard ons in their swim suits, the heat stirring their desires, the crystal blue waters and other sexy men inviting them for a dip. Poolside sex is steamy, sensual and satisfying. In Poolside 2, directed by Bruno Bond, a hot summer day heats up the sexual desires of eight gorgeous men who rendezvous Poolside for the breathtaking outdoor action that Falcon is famous for. Poolside 2 features four steamy, sensual and satisfying scenes of man-on-man outdoor sex. Andrew Stark wields his massive cock on Josh Conners’ hole for a pounding fuck session. Jack King and Colt Rivers blast each other with jets from their water guns before they ditch the toys and blast each other with cum. Rylan Knox dares Ryan Rose to fuck him with everything he’s got, and Ryan delivers by unleashing his incredible sex drive. Derek Atlas and Darius Ferdynand connect for an epic flip-flop that builds to an intense mutual climax. Poolside 2 turns up the heat with All-American muscle, insatiable desires and flesh filled fucking in the classic Falcon style. You’ll want to dive right in!

Poolside 2 Free Action Gallery:


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    It good watching your movies,am in kenya and wish to be connected with you.

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  3. b

    June 22, 2015 at 5:22 am

    Thanks Hunt, I loved “Poolside”, Is there a “Poolside 2”
    Cumming Soon?.

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    very hot very hot

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