Pierce Paris & Jay Dymel Check Into ‘Room 106’ – New on FalconStudios.com

Director Tony Dimarco Delivers Debut of Bareback Series

FalconStudios.com has announced the exclusive world premiere of the debut scene from their latest release, Room 106. The first update from the new movie features thick and hung fan favorites, Jay Dymel and Pierce Paris. Room 106 will debut on FalconStudios.com on Friday, April 12, 2019. The full DVD and remaining scene downloads will be released on the Falcon Studios Group Store on Friday, April 26, 2019.

Things take a turn in the new scene when the airlines abruptly cancel Pierce Paris and Jay Dymel’s flights, the two are forced to share a hotel room together for the night. After they get settled, Pierce goes thru Jay’s bag seeking body wash when a massive manrammer falls out. Pierce quickly wraps the toy back up and hops in the shower before Jay notices. Pierce comes out of the shower and sees Jay rubbing lotion on his hard body in the mirror. Jay asks Pierce to rub some lotion on his back, and Pierce nervously agrees. When Jay is all moisturized, he turns to Pierce and says “my turn”, and grabs a handful of Pierce’s meat. The two lock lips and Jay quickly sinks to his knees to gulp down his new roommates swollen cock. Pierce is relentless with his rod and grabs the back of Jay’s head to push it to the base. Continuing to assert his dominance, Pierce yanks Jay from the floor, throws him onto the bed and rips his underwear off. With Jay’s inviting hole in his face, Pierce dives in and works his tongue in and out of Jay’s warm crack. Now that Jay is wet and slicked up, Pierce slides his massive, 9-inch dick into Jay and pounds him deep. Unforgiving with each thrust, Jay can’t get enough of Pierce slamming his ass bareback. Pierce wants one more go at Jay’s mouth and face fucks the blond stud one more time, but Jay really wants Pierce inside his ass again. Pierce gives Jay a series of powerful pumps and pulls out to coat the studs hole with a fresh load. To finish Jay off, Pierce shoves his bare cock back in and fucks the hunk while Jay beats thick ropes of jizz out of his own swollen cock and onto his abs.

“If the walls of Room 106 could talk, what sordid tales would they tell?” states director, Tony Dimarco. “I was always interested in doing a movie about a single motel room and all the things that may have happened within those walls” states director, Tony Dimarco. “Pierce and Jay are just two strangers who share a motel room for convenience, and end up mutually getting their rocks off!”



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  1. reese

    April 24, 2019 at 8:27 pm

    Should be a Hot Scene with Paris topping. Dude gets paired with some good Bottoms but One I wan to see Him with is Alam Wernick…..uber Bottom that will be in Heaven getting that Man Cock. Alam is Insatiable sexually and I would bet Paris would like to bury his face in that Brazilian Ass before He stuffs and plows Him. Alam likes muscular Guys and Paris has a cock that will tests his limits orally and anally.

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