Raging Stallion Presents ‘Hole 1’

Tony Dimarco & Adam Killian are Dynamic Directing Duo
for Two-Part Monster Bang Release

Monster Bang announces the release of the newest feature, Hole 1.  The video line produced by Raging Stallion and focusing on “Big Dicks and the Holes they Fill” makes the first part of the two-part feature available in retail stores and online.  Award-winning director, Tony Dimarco teams up with star/director Adam Killian to create a rough, run-down institutional world, where they fill the “Hole” with hung studs and hungry bottoms.

Hole 1, is a voyeur’s paradise — a gritty tale of what men will do when they’re confined. These striking studs are deprived of sunlight and any regular comforts, but they are given one simple luxury: another man to feed their voracious desires.  Every action is caught by closed-circuit monitors that are pumped into every cell. Watching them is an unseen master of the domain, Josh West, who strokes his monster cock as he waits for intense and unforgiving sex to erupt.


Lust explodes when Donnie Dean and Landon Conrad reach the carnal boiling point. Deprived of razor and soap, the sight and smell will make fans take note. Stunning Angel Rock’s relentless devastation of Tyler Wolf’s willing hole sets the compound ablaze. Co-director Killian is a prisoner lured out of his dark corner by a human morsel wrapped in plastic. JR Bronson, naked and blindfolded, is the banquet on which Adam feasts.  Hypnotized by Tommy Defendi’s massive meat, Jimmy Fanz comes out of hiding. Jimmy sucks like a cock-starved man who’s gone without for years, but Tommy’s not satisfied by just a blow job, and claims Jimmy’s hungry hole. The insane finale occurs when Trenton Ducati, a businessman abducted in broad daylight, is forced to witness the unbridled sex happening in every room until he releases his pent up lust on five huge anonymous dicks and quenches his cum thirst with a five-way facial bukkake. Everyone’s testosterone reaches critical mass in Hole 1.


Hole 1 can be found in retail stores and purchased directly on ragingstallion.com.

“With Hole 1 and Hole 2, we’ve imagined a twisted world where you’re never quite sure if what you’re seeing is real or if it’s fantasy.  Our goal is to leave the viewer wondering, while heightening the sexual power of the action on screen.  The models delivered what we were looking for – the intensity and the ferocity that will really engage the fans,” states Director Tony Dimarco. “Working with Adam Killian as a performer and a director is always rewarding.  He has an amazing energy that he brings to both sides of the camera, and he’s creating sensational work in both roles.”

Hole 1 and Hole 2 are hyper-sexual, and each should come with warning label that says ‘Caution: the sex in this movie is 100% mind-blowing!’ Tony Dimarco and Adam Killian have created two Monster Bang releases that will go down in the books as two of the best movies the line ever produced!” asserts Chris Ward, president of Falcon and Raging Stallion Studios.  “The cast list alone is enough to make this a hit – three amazingly talented and sexy exclusives: Tommy Defendi, Jimmy Fanz and recently signed Donnie Dean, as well as all-star stud performers like Landon Conrad, Adam Killian, Angel Rock and Trenton Ducati.”


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