Raging Stallion Studs Suit Up For ‘Power Play’

Director Tony Dimarco Dives Into The Corporate World For Studio’s Latest DVD Release

Raging Stallion, the brand featuring rugged men and raw action, has announced the release of their latest bareback feature, Power Play. From award-winning director Tony Dimarco, this feature follows eleven businessmen who are ready to do anything and everything to make sure they come out on top. The Power Play DVD and Digital Downloads are now available on the Falcon | NakedSword Store.

The power-hungry hunks climbing the corporate ladder include Exclusives Josh Moore, Andre Donovan, Cole Connor, Drew Valentino, and Beau Butler, along with Alpha Wolfe, Jake Waters, James Fox, Isaac X, Colby Melvin, and Xavier.

The job market is more cutthroat than it’s ever been, and if you’re hoping to succeed in this bareback office environment, then you should be ready to deliver a ball-busting Power Play at any given moment. Alpha Wolfe is under strict instruction to do whatever it takes to get billionaire Josh Moore to sign his documents. When he realizes that the corporate stud isn’t going to just give up his signature, Alpha Wolfe drops to his knees and prepares to take all nine inches of Josh’s uncut cock. After watching Jake Waters secretly touch himself during a meeting, Andre Donovan is determined to hook up with the young manager by drilling his ass in their CEO’s bathroom. Cole Connor has slept with basically every executive at the company and now James Fox wants a turn at flip-fucking the bearded slut. Intern Drew Valentino is desperate for a full-time job and lucky for him, head of HR Isaac X is willing to open up a position for him as long as the intern is willing to open up his zipper. Beau Butler was just instructed by his boss to make sure that Colby Melvin and Xavier leave the office happy. Always the dedicated worker, he immediately takes both men into a side room where they have the chance to strip down and double penetrate his hairy hole. As you can see, anyone that’s going to survive in this business needs to make sure they’re always ready with a Power Play that will leave every single one of their co-workers fully satisfied.

Power Play gets into the intensities of the corporate world, how these businessmen blow off steam, and how they use their bodies to get what they deserve,” says director Tony Dimarco. “I couldn’t be happier with these Raging Stallion men and how they pulled off every last scene in this film.”

“This Power Play cast is fully packed with exclusives, must-watch newcomers, and sees the big return of Exclusive Josh Moore to Falcon | NakedSword,” says President of Falcon | NakedSword Tim Valenti. “Fans are going to love seeing their favorite models dressed up in their business best and love it even more as they strip down.”

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