It’s Good vs. Evil in Fisting Central’s ‘Super Holes’

Award-Winning Fetish Director Tom Moore Powers Up His Latest Release for

The ultimate battle between good and evil is at the center of Super Holes, fetish director Tom Moore’s latest fist-fest. Powered up and suited in their skin-tight super-suits, this squad of Fisting Central’s most powerful men are eager to show that they can take far more than just your average punch. Featuring Zac Snow the “Glitter Mutt” battling Archer Croft the “Spotted Destroyer”, the first episode of Super Holes is out now on Fans can also catch the full XXX-rated superhero flick on DVD and as a digital download in the Falcon | NakedSword store.

When evil “Spotted Destroyer” Archer Croft takes masked “Glitter Mutt” Zac Snow as his prisoner, his plan for world domination – including sloppy sucking, hardcore fucking and some mega flip-fisting – begins to unfold. Then, super villain “Dr. Mecha Fist” Brian Bonds has “Slippery Servant” Dylan Hawks and “Serpent King” Ethan Sinns bound in his high-tech dungeon, ready to use them as test subjects for his new and naughty scheme. Ethan and Dylan take some rough fist pounding before turning the tables on their captor and pumping him full of arm and cock until he cums.

Super Holes was a blast to shoot,” said director Tom Moore. “The proven concept of ‘heroes vs. villains’ translated perfectly to the fisting dungeon theme, and I think viewers are going to have as much fun as the cast.”

Catch some of the action with the official trailer for Super Holes below and for even more from this new fisting feature, be sure to check out and the Falcon | NakedSword store.


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