Fisting Meets Science Fiction in World Premiere of ‘Ass Invaders’ Newcomer Andrew Foenix Gets Thorough Cavity Search In Film’s Premiere Episode

You’ve heard of Area 51. Now, get ready to enter Area 69! When two men are discovered in the middle of the night at an alien abduction site in Club Inferno’s Ass Invaders, it’s all-hands-on-deck to ensure they haven’t been implanted with the eggs of an unknown extraterrestrial threat. Directed by award-winning fetish filmmaker Tom Moore, the first scene of this new sci-fi feature, starring Dominic Pacifico, Apollo Fates, and Andrew Foenix, is out now on Fans can also catch the entire film right now on DVD and as a digital download in the Falcon | NakedSword store

Government medical professionals Dominic Pacifico and Apollo Fates have been assigned to decontaminate Andrew Foenix and extract the tentacle-like creature that’s overtaken his insides. After using their fists to fully remove the lifeform from the civilian’s hairy ass, Andrew is charged with examining the doctors’ holes in fear that they could have been exposed to spores from the invasive alien beings.

Next, medics Archer Croft and Brock Kniles are exterminating any potential creatures living inside WreX Wylde. With his hole completely gaping, the doctors fist him at the same time and, once he’s prolapsed, Dr. Croft takes his tongue to the patient’s protruding rosebud to see if he can taste any eggs that the aliens may have placed inside him. In the same examination room, WreX is tasked with fisting the two doctors as they drain their balls of any possible exposure to alien life. On a mission to prevent these alien creatures from proliferating, the men will stop at nothing to ensure the Ass Invaders are completely eradicated before they take over the planet.

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